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due to the long idle, corroded state. And this loss also let Zhang Feng product before making auto parts under the “capital” erode away, and now, he had to return to prostitution.Through this incident, Zhang Feng, summed up a doorway in the side of doing business,tiffany orecchini, we must manage the locals. Let relatives in which blending only ruin the business. “Relatives over, can not be wrong to say, business is a little bad, it becomes the owner to the workers to work. In fact became capitalist exploitation of the working class.”Although this transnational marriage is not perfect, but Zhang Feng pretty fun. While his wife is not too clever hands, but good-natured, well-kept home can basically. Today, the two 9-year-old daughter,hollister sverige, cute,hollister france site, have read a local grade 5.Faced with a growing number of Chinese people in Africa to marry his wife, Zhang Feng suggestions,parajumpers, do not impulse, do not map “jump on the bandwagon.” “African women want to marry Chinese men. But if there are Chinese people in Africa to marry my wife, I was going to be strongly discouraged. I’m an example.” He said the two countries who have a completely different cultural backgrounds and habits, Divide hard across unlikely to go along too. “Plainly, married a long time,hollister soldes france, we were feeling became family, no love. But now it was too late to regret. Only Kuzhongzuole.

and turn to put a round face pressed on the chopping block, potatoes rolling,hogan scarpe donna, cut ten not a minute too cut potatoes. “Zhang said with a smile, she did not know what to say or not mindless stupid,louboutin pas cher, anyway,louboutin paris, she was trained to feel hopeless. In desperation,abercrombie et fitch, he had to return home to take advantage of the opportunity to import parts, eat lunch a few tons. Now, almost every month, he returned to visit. The head of each returning one thing to eat a typical northern-style Chinese food.Zhang difficult is leaving his wife wanted him to follow and often join family gatherings. While Zhang is a gathering of foreigners is very cold. He said African party, was there Laoke dancing. Not that the language barrier.

mainly their own feel boring in there. “I stay in the middle of a Chinese person they are too loud, and possession are not hide, uncomfortable. If the Chinese people to meet, I am sure very happy to go.”Ethiopian wife homemakers do not flyAlso helping was a little inappropriate Zhang Feng is his wife and Chinese traditional African Women “mothers” of the virtuous Shukutoku far from. Until his own trucking company has experienced a loss madness, he realized,louboutin, totally dependent on his wife housekeeping, do not fly.”My wife, you give him too much money, she did not know how to spend. She absolutely no concept of the asset. She is a fundamental point of view,nike air max 1, I do not look poor, my life is very natural,doudoune moncler homme, it will not starve to death,hollister soldes, that white is not motivated. “conversations,tiffany outlet, Zhang Feng some Blame.Zhang Feng said that his company initially had eight passenger buses, own a total investment of more than 30 million, according to advance estimates,barbour france, how nor loss. But the final result is a serious loss had to shut down. He said that initially trucking companies still able to maintain operations, among themselves too busy for some time, only to his wife to manage the company. But his wife did not do business talent,hogan olympia donna, for absolutely no concept of money, plus 48 000 4800,nike tn, he can give you calculate the result is more than 90,000.One day, Zhang Feng to the company to see the discovery,tiffany milano, how to work in there are wives of some of the seven Regardless of eight aunt. These relatives here basically do not work, are salaried white. But people are called his wife, and she did not say anything. Two years, the company has a loss of nearly one million, had outages. So far, four dilapidated bus is still parked in the yard of his home.

Supposed to? Every meal had to drink, get some peanuts, cashews and the like Zuojiu. Until now, he has missed a day at home on the two side dishes, drinking shochu happy twenty-two.To this end, Mr. Chang has repeatedly urged blacks wife learn to cook Chinese food. But later, he completely gave up. “Our whole family love to eat Chinese food, including my daughter. Unfortunately, my black wife, her stupid death, hand unfortunately, the heart nor spirit, will not do.” Zhang whip a few cigarette, took sighed the thigh.Zhang said, because his wife will not cook Chinese food, African food he ate all day, really no appetite, whereof two fights many times. Once, in the kitchen with his wife try to cook Chinese food, Zhang aside to observe the process let him laugh and cry. “Our Chinese people cut potatoes, according potatoes cut a potato in half all, put below the plane. She pressed with the potato.