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is one of “government and consultation system”, whenever major issues, the two parties must first sit down and negotiate, agree and then to the “Legislative Yuan”,tiffany orecchini, the play does not fight the fight photo error, and finally through prior consultations good results.Last year, Ma Ying-jeou launch a surprise attack, expelled “Legislative Yuan” Wang Jin party, namely the intention is to make the “Legislative Yuan” to more smoothly carry out the will of the Kuomintang. Wang Jin good relations with the pan-green camp,moncler pas cher, he insisted on the use of the police power, as well as the DPP in the “Legislative Yuan” violent struggle, became the most seats long enough to compete with the KMT weapon.The Wang Jin “Turn the Tables” back to Ma once again pushed to the wall. Exit on the same day the student movement,hollister abercrombie, the Kuomintang party, said the case against Wang Jin continued appeal. Taiwan media pointed out that no one believes this is just a coincidence, Ma Ying-jeou to consolidate the leadership of the center, to avoid splitting the party and thus avoid power lame,hogan scarpe, can only choose a way to appeal.DPP also drop pointsOn the surface it seems the student movement DPP beneficial, but it is not. Party workers, became a continuation of the student movement of the student leaders of the DPP street violence is not without DPP members. DPP’s “Taiwan independence” plot exposed in the student movement in doubt. This also allows the two sides further to see the real face of the DPP. DPP’s cross-strait policy adjustment seems to be just a slogan shouting numerous.

including the Taipei MRT to Keelung, all buses and other free market, he criticized rival camp “like cheating on exams like peek” refers to political Xie meritorious side’s “impossible”,zanotti, said side “I have,” he said, must not be dispersed votes, power should be concentrated.Lin Youchang 100,000 votes to reach the goal of those firms, with the team to sweep the streets yesterday,hogan scarpe donna, Mrs. Wu Qiuying the cadre’s wife and local communities to form the “Detachment of Women”, to Keelung Lun Wu Lok large market “clenched” Every one vote, many Supporters hold a red light when the car stopped, competing demands on a handshake, and supporters followed the procession Benz fleet of nearly one hundred meters,collane tiffany, Lin Youchang also struggling to respond waving supporters.Huang Jingtai custody because the case up to the first 80 days, Huang mother crying last night at campaign rallies to limp knees, still plays a big early yesterday Zhongzheng District, with the support group to help elect members to campaign together on foot, for the son of the grassroots, grip Each hands tight,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, do not give up any chance to rally support.To protest against judicial injustice, brother Huangjing Nan Huang Jingtai Cellular announced a hunger strike since last night, he asked the prosecution to let my brother will be released to participate in public politics. Yesterday Huangjing Nan fan club in the Lutheran meditation, spiritual harmony of color is also good,woolrich bambino, he stressed that there is no time limit on hunger strike.

confuse, deceive the people,christian louboutin soldes, to scare up votes. Past anti-ECFA, “opposing everything” has tasted the DPP “general election” defeated “last mile” of the bitter, the covert manipulation, the DPP’s 2016 election, the same is minus points instead of extra points.Taiwan media comment, the nature of the student movement, in fact, is being manipulated political group exercise, Taiwan’s political battles it just another form of expression. It is tearing society, creating new opposition, causing turmoil in Taiwan, there is no benefit for the economic and social development. Populist,abercrombie online, battles,hogan scarpe, division and friction will cause Taiwan continue idling, resulting in more long-term losses.BEIJING, Nov. 24, according to Taiwan’s “United Daily News” reported that the Keelung mayoral election blue camp shouting mutual bail KMT chiefs yesterday in the last weekend before the election,louboutin pas cher, Fun to Keelung solid votes, the KMT nominated thank meritorious lift momentum; Huang Jingtai custody without party affiliation, the younger brother of a hunger strike, Huang Qin mother go canvassing; DPP Lin Youchang couples are split sweep the streets, hoping out of 100,000 votes.Ma Ying-jeou on the 22nd to accompany Xie meritorious charity market to campaign, people get a warm welcome, good mood,woolrich outlet, the second time yesterday to accompany Xie meritorious Lutheran market to gain support for the Keelung election,outlet moncler, he said,hollister online, confident, enthusiastic response than expected. Also tonight to Keelung Temple street sweeping.Xie meritorious “Bear ” unity rallies, 23 debut influx of 5,000 people, was packed,braccialetto tiffany, Wu Den-yih, deputy leader of the Taiwan region Xie meritorious political endorsement, calling for unity; “premier” Jiang Yi Hua is the fifth degree to Keelung Xie campaigning.Jiang Yi Hua Xie political meritorious certainly raised.

KMT power struggle has intensified”Sunflower Student Movement” In addition to Ma Ying-jeou of the ruling fell prestige, but also to the power struggle within the KMT further intensified. Taiwan’s “Legislative Yuan” Wang Jin in the “student movement” at the last minute to come forward suddenly shouted “first legislation, renegotiation,” and this internal deliberations without the prior statement of the Kuomintang, KMT completely passive, but also served by a free trade agreement becomes was nowhere in sight.Wang Jin-called “first legislation”,hollister femme, referring to the first to pass the bill, “cross-strait agreement Supervision Regulations.” Regardless of the presence or absence of this bill is necessary, just the current version of the proposed discussions have 10 as much as the DPP’s version is at the outset of “two states” starts, should pass, it means “one the framework “as a precondition for cross-strait agreement from having to mention.Taiwan’s “Legislative Yuan” KMT majority of seats, according to the normal procedure, all the proposed solutions will pass the KMT. However, Taiwan’s “Legislative Yuan” has a special act logically.