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so they requested that the families of “self-loading gray.”As for the band, not mandatory Fukuzawa Park to the band per person standard / 400 yuan of execution,hollister femme, according to the exact number of families need, but For the band, it must go through the funeral home. That male staff member said: “It is easy for us to bring the people, one-stop service.”Subsequently, the reporter with the same problem Yangmingshan call the funeral home,tiffany firenze, then if people said that in Yangmingshan for funeral, casket can bring their own, but have to pay 50 yuan, “bagging fee” for holding the ashes; no cooling costs ; bands to choose from, but it must be through the funeral home, the standard is 180 yuan / classes.6:00 yesterday evening, the reporter called Changsha City Bureau of Civil Affairs and Social Affairs Department Director Liao Zhaohui, Liu said that the funeral industry is market-oriented operation, whether or band casket,tn pas chere, funeral homes do not have a monopoly of power,hollister france, and cooling costs by the Municipality if approval may be charged. Subsequently,tiffany orecchini, the reporter called Liuyang Municipality, relevant staff claimed that “not heard one say cooling costs.” Liao Zhaohui said that the Civil Administration would Fukuzawa Park for further investigation.Reporter Fan Siding(Bonus clues providers TamBeijing News News (trainee reporter intern Cheng Yuanyuan Zhao Jixiang) Recently.

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will be allowed into the inner cremation workshop”; Second, the “cooling costs for unpaid family members, the company will carry out the ash from the families of their own system. ” Notice inscribed as “Fukuzawa Park Industrial Co., Ltd.”, the time for the 16th of this month.In a hall inside the funeral home, the reporter saw people being funeral provider Ling (a pseudonym). Fukuzawa Park for the introduction of new regulations, commercial Ling said it had known, because not rejected because of the sensibilities. Suppliers Ling also told reporters that in addition to the terms already publicized, but if the band will have to make the funeral, the funeral home must also be handled by the unification.Dressed in a white dress business this helpless Ling also dissatisfied: “This is obviously Terms Overlord Well,hollister shop online, but what else can we do, people are not in the …” Business Ling said that he is still in mourning, no say in terms of rationality, she did not co-ordinate the funeral arrangements, so do not know the price.Subsequently, the reporter went to the funeral home business hall Fukuzawa Park and found the entrance hall is also posted there goes notification, a male staff member behind the counter said,hogan, “This is to combat the black car,” the new regulations enacted.He told reporters that the so-called “black car”, not only bear the remains of service delivery, but also arranged extra casket production,air max bw pas cher, but they do not license, and no funeral industry qualification, so the service offered is not satisfactory to the urn for example,doudoune moncler, the “outside casket easy to crack, it can not install the ashes,moncler doudoune, but the urn is our quality assurance”, the price of the material according to the casket, decorated, ranging from tens of dollars to several thousand dollars. And if you do not pay fees, then cooling,christian louboutin soldes, the company can not guarantee the safety of ash loading workers.