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The degree of integration and upgrading.At 3 his attributes, red music have both eyes narrowed into slits. With the increase of the strength of the red, the gold hoop stick ability becomes more and more chicken ribs, even in addition to summon fire monkey, red is no longer used gold hoop stick,tiffany outlet, it is unworthy of the name of God is growing.However, it is the 3 properties compared to the 2 level, can be more than doubled so simple. Although it is still not so magic hammer, gold bow 13 cattle, but also to take the shot, not disgrace the red this identity. After all, the gold hoop stick is the first artifact red get, but in the beginning of the game, to the red a lot of power, the red in the heart, and it has strong feelings.Uh, etc……. “Fusion of upgrade? The degree of integration…… This characteristic, had not been in the gold hoop stick properties of ah. What is the fusion of finger?”The red heart movement,, immediately picked up a piece of shining purple mang shield, display the variation of alchemy, a flash of white, this God shield unexpectedly into the gold hoop stickThe red heart.Originally, the gold hoop stick while magic, can rely on other weapons through fusion. But before it, only the fusion of various weapons and armor, shields, armor, but not fusion. And now, upgrade the fusion degree of it, even the shield this armor can also upgradeYou know, this cross Temple storehouse, although there are thousands of God equipment, but most of them are armor, shields, armor, and God’s weapon, but only 1/5. Red almost Cross temple, the God of all weapon into the gold hoop stick, the gold hoop stick will rise to 3, although the rest of thousands of artifacts, but not into the gold hoop stick,tiffany co cufflinks, red stem can not eat.And now, fusion of the gold hoop stick is upgraded, it not only can fusion weapon, even the armor can also blendThis artifact 1/5 let the gold hoop stick up to level 3, if the remaining 4/5 of the artifact, also all fusion……Trembling red chicken, humming the tune, a variation of the alchemy, then a variation of the alchemy of continuously cast. He excited already forget so, oblivious to the purpose behind……Finally,, when the artifact Temple of Cross in the warehouse only a dozen times, red gold hoop stick and finally issued a dazzling Guangmang, again upgradeThe gold hoop stick, level 4 level 4 gold hoop stick, what will be the attribute, and will not be any change?Artemis.Artemis.The gold hoop stick, level 4:Persistent ∞,* attack 50000-80000,Attack speed,* with 20000 fire damage,*80 crit,.相关的主题文章:

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