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ranking first in the world.However,tiffany outlet italia, Ning Jiajun that,scarpe hogan, to avoid the risk, do not and will not simply to solve the problem, this is not reality. “It should be done combining guidance,hollister soldes, on the one hand adhere to open, screened foreign security products and technologies, and to strengthen the strict management, if there are a number of products and equipment does not achieve localization alternative, it would have to strictly regulate the use and management For example, in certain important sectors demanded the closure of the remote port, but also tested the relevant departments. “Ning Jiajun also suggest that when it comes to the ultimate security is a human problem. Even if you use a homemade device,tiffany firenze, but if the management staff leaked, they would have serious consequences. In addition,hollister pas cher, we must be vigilant “false domestics,” and some products claiming to be independent products,,doudoune femme moncler, but in fact is a makeover comes from foreign products.”Even after years of development, our country’s information technology has achieved very good results,abercrombie pas cher, but also the growth of a large number of successful companies, but the core technology is not completely get rid of the kinds of situation,, our innovative technology is at the core of true innovation We really want to encourage this kind of innovation. “A division of the Ministry of hard lead managementAccording to the reporter.

now nominally led by the Ministry of Industry, coordination of Public Security, the Ministry of Security,louboutin femme pas cher, Bureau of state secrets, the State Encryption Administration and the State Council Information Office of the most authoritative conduct Management, however,,christian louboutin femme, and these ‘coordinated’ sector compared to the Ministry of Industry is a vulnerable sector, in fact,, simply can not coordinate anything. such an important job, but in a Division Ministry of Industry,abercrombie paris, has been very not adapt to the current situation requires a. “The source said.The source also strongly recommended that, in order not because like “prism door” Let China so nervous, worrying solve China’s information security situation fundamentally, it should set up a national authority for information security department as soon as possible.

one IT security, mainly owned by the Ministry of management; the second is the information content security, mainly owned by the State Council Information Office management,tiffany orecchini, of course,ciondolo tiffany, the main concern is ideological,abercrombie france, but the information content security much richer than the ideological content, such as a variety of economic and social data fields,hogan olympia, once taken away doing big data mining analysis may reveal very much and very important information. “An unnamed close MIIT The person to the “China Economic Weekly” said.”At the same time,, there are more than the state sector will be involved in the management of information security.

legal government and key industry sectors in the information referenced in the construction process,,nike tn pas cher magasin,, mainly in 2001 to develop the “Government Procurement Law” and “Bidding”, but unfortunately, a lot of content which has been difficult adapt to the ever-changing Internet age, and these two laws on government procurement defines domestic products rather vague.Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies in cyberspace Qinan had repeatedly warned that “Eight King Kong” in China have generally adopted a strategy to find an agent, rather than form a “community of interests” and to use its enormous influence,abercrombie soldes france, including all levels of government officials’ performance mentality “of various conditions,barbour pas cher,, including the formation of governments at all levels in China” undefended “or even welcoming attitude,abercrombie milano, a direct result of” Eight King Kong “run its core hub bearing on the national economy powerhouse.In addition to the factors on the legislation, the current information security management system in our country is still in the bull management, it is difficult to coordinate the state. The reporter also found that it seems difficult to find the appropriate government department to obtain authoritative information security data.”Now our country is to be divided into two categories of information security.