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local residents drums, excitedly spread the news. Copper village farmer Li Guojun looked groundwater flowing through their own rice fields,tiffany outlet italia, boldly said excitedly: “My three acres of land, only to close in mid-arid twenty-three pounds of grain, in the future with the water, harvest jin no problem. “That night, he shaved his head Mingzhi with a bunch of young people to find water plunging vast mountains retired geologist Pu Deliang drunk …Red next five years to find waterSolve one million villagers drinking hardIn fact, similar Rowan Karst Area to find water, but the city’s water department of land geology,louboutin femme, drilling drought, benefit some people’s livelihood. Find water and karst Correspondingly, there are red layer to find water (red mudstone layer refers to argillaceous siltstone sediments of the Jurassic and Cretaceous formation, named for its red color).Deputy Secretary for Land and Housing Bureau Zhou Shihong introduced by the exploration, the city has 30,000 square kilometers of karst areas water is not easy,vetement hollister pas cher, mainly in Fuling,orecchini tiffany, Wulong, Pengshui, Wushan, Fengjie and other southeast and northeast of Chongqing Chongqing minority enclave This means that the city has at least a million farmers face difficulties in drinking water dispersion.Zhou, deputy director of introduction, the geological survey department of Homeland current priority is to be successful wells,hollister felpe, the underground river cave to the water. Where to find water karst refers to dig deeper (40-100 meters underground).

you can enjoy this farmer-friendly policy.It is reported that this year, the city has applied to the state’s financial investment 15 million yuan. “Twelve Five” period,moncler outlet, the city plans to solve the red layer to find water dispersion of the water,woolrich parka donna, but farmers 100 million. Among them, 27,500 wells planned for this year, the first batch of 11 million people to solve the drinking water difficult.Chongqing Evening News reporter Zhu Xin Qin photo coverage”Weekdays relatives, turn on the water to the enemy.” This is the Fuling District Rowan township has long been popular proverb. Rowan on nine years of drought, dry stone area, summer water, has become the locals for generations lingering pain. This history,tn air max 2014 pas cher, from June 2, 2011, gone. Land and Housing Bureau and Engineering Geology of South River Man exploration site team took six months, and finally under one hundred meters from the underground river for help locals dug wells.Xiaoyan, who lives in Bengbu City, wife and son, downloaded from the Internet.

Chongqing municipal government trust, Land and Housing Bureau to adjust the text hospital south of the river and Engineering Geology team to Fuling District Rowan,outlet tiffany, dry stone Area, Chongqing started focusing groundwater exploration and development of demonstration projects karst basin. The project is the city’s “second five” key planning, is one of 50 practical livelihood municipal government determined.Last three months of survey sites, geological drilling team at Rowan, dry stone work surface Area of ��200 square kilometers,woolrich prezzi, identified eight river water, plans to drill eight deep. June 2, two wells the first to break ground, the drilling depth has reached 100.25 meters. After monitoring, underground river water belongs to calcium bicarbonate type water,tn nike pas cher, better water quality,woolrich italia, taste sweet, just burn up to drink. In addition, two wells out of the water to reach 1050 m3 / day, 100 liters water per person per day basis, to solve twenty thousand local residents living water, excess irrigation water is used as the surrounding 500 acres of farmland.Water that day.

storage of water is great,louboutin pas cher, the work of the party to meet the water needs of the masses of water; the red layer is to dig to find water shallower (underground 20-40 m), storage of water is not, but it can meet the needs of every household’s daily water work to achieve a one well.According to reports, at the end of last year, look for the red layer of water has become a popular project for seven consecutive years, the city has invested 165 million yuan of special funds, led by the municipal department of land drilling 111 483, 45 000 and resolved 670,000 livestock drinking water difficult. Zhou, deputy director of introduction,abercrombie france, the red layer to find water, one family, one well work, funded by the government funded the construction of wells (wells construction cost of each well is about 1000 yuan),air max pas cher pour homme, farmers only need to apply for registration and privately purchased a couple pumping pumps hundred dollars.

technological and Spicy braised pork specialties and other parts of the country.

and specialty gourmet snacks production techniques, through the “integrated package”, to produce food produced teaching CD-ROM, and commissioned the massive copy, reproduce, founded by himself. ” Chinese specialties business network, “sold throughout the country. November 8, Xiaoyan and undertake the production of “gourmet teaching” discs Songbing,hollister pas cher france, Ma Tao on suspicion of the crime of copyright infringement in Bengbu City Yuhui District Court for trial.Prosecutor accused, by the end of 2011 to November 2012,abercrombie outlet, Xiaoyan and her husband Yao Yun (handled separately) was founded in the home is located in Bengbu “Chinese specialties business network” to collect the pot Griddle technology from the network,hogan uomo, buns technical.