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the hospital 11 days. Xiaofan delegate to the Guangdong Nan Tien disability rating performed forensic identification,abercrombie pas cher, assessment Ten Level ten residues constitute a small range.After the accident, Huanggang primary advance 5000 yuan, the Chinese People’s Insurance Company claims to a small range of 10,000 yuan for medical expenses.Court of First Instance, limited capacity in schools or other educational institution,air max pas cher pour femme, by the personal injury during the life of the school or other educational institution entirely to education,hogan scarpe uomo, management responsibilities,outlet hogan, should be held accountable. The defendant is Huanggang primary school football team organizer,chaussure louboutin pas cher, it should bear the responsibility for the organization and management, but the available evidence does not prove the fault of mismanagement exist Huanggang primary school football team activities.Discretion of the court according to the law,hogan rebel, 50% of primary school Huanggang bear responsibility for a small range of loss. Fukuda court finds, upon examination, the plaintiff for medical expenses, care, transportation fees, the loss of a total of 66,378.19 yuan. Because of the small van insurance claims have been $ 10,000, net of Huanggang primary schools have to pay 5,woolrich uomo,000 yuan, Huanggang school should compensate for the loss of a small range of 23,189.09 yuan, then the decision to compensate the plaintiff Huanggang primary loss 23189.09 yuan. Dismissed other claims small range.1Schools do not want to lose the mediation failsXiaofan first instance verdict.

originally a small range of Huanggang school students, the school football team, has represented Huanggang attend school football games,louboutin pas cher, and achieved outstanding results.Approximately at 17:00 on October 7 2012,hogan online, Huanggang school football team in the school football field organization normal training,gioielli tiffany, making the team 5 on 5 game against the practice process, fell to the ground and broke a small range, was rushed to hospital, anesthesia were left in the downstream radius and ulna fracture fixation,hollister soldes, such as surgery, hospitalization 13 days.July 11,collane tiffany, 2013, the small range of re-hospitalization,hogan outlet, surgery to fix remove the left forearm.

appeal to the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court. Yesterday, the case in Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court of second instance court.Small van that he was injured because of participating in soccer training activities organized Huanggang school, the behavior is a job behavior,doudoune moncler, Huanggang small range of the primary school should take full responsibility for the damage suffered, and the trial verdict based only primary judgment Huanggang commitment to the principle of equity of 50% liability.

By establishing a complete legal system and ensure the party operating mechanism of the system, to concentrate on improving the party building “rectification” institutionalized and normalized combined to achieve the party’s governing party tube breakthroughs. (End)(Original title: Row Hua Xi xibaipo of media comment: a “roots” A trial court bear responsibility for school five percent, the injured students appealed,hollister italia, while the second trial is said to concentrate fully on “Post Behaviors”Yangcheng Evening News reporter Jianglin Li reports: an elementary school student, Shenzhen Huanggang small range (a pseudonym) in participating in organized football training school in the fall of injury,braccialetto tiffany, before and after the two operations, was identified as ten disabled. Xiaofan will sue the school Huanggang Fukuda court,abercrombie paris, requiring schools to compensation for medical expenses, lost income, fees totaling 146,777.54 yuan. Fukuda court verdict original defendant each bear 50 percent responsibility, Huanggang small range of primary compensation 23189.09 yuan. Little Fan appealed, on the 25th, the case in Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court of second instance court.Has represented the school contestCourt of First Instance examined.


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