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Four, four defense, skills: a flying. Blot out the sun, erotic duopo Yaoqi, diffuse. Because the Treant grandmother in the Millennium cultivation,tiffany outlet sale, refining, double countless, so was killed in a form, can be immediately converted into another form. At the same time all state recovery is full, and the release of all the bad state. But half an hour do not have the ability to change again,, half an hour to kill,, is a real death. After half an hour to restore freedom of ability to change,tiffany co jewelry outlet, to kill again. Still can be transformed into another form.A: a flying leaf consists of a large number of branches turned into a, like a snake to fly, not only caused serious damage to the opponent, but also can cause the opponent into a wood poison.Sky: mana will heaven and earth shield. You can drop less sunlight to demons and ghosts and evil creatures, so that in the day can also as usual activities, and has some resistance to magic light system.Erotic duopo: each hit, the probability can let the opponent loses seven soul of random. And in attack, defense, reduce reduce reduce reduce hit, Dodge, reduce speed, dizziness, confusion in one of seven states. A jumping probability that opponent loses three of each soul, a soul lose opponent lose is the value of life.Yaoqi diffuse: exudes boundless bewitching. The range of demons and ghosts and evil creatures life continues to reply.The original skills turned it has the ability to resurrect!Kay is not silver. In general, is not really tough, even more important, it can make the air in a certain range of demons and ghosts and evil life continues to reply! This is the karma is now the most headache problem!Although the “reply” songs of resilience. But not undead! Scope of the restoration magic “a stirring among the dry bones” and is now need to diffuse can make up for this defect!In addition, summon the dead fine skill also let red crisp whining, another for free! And as long as a demon is summoned, you must immediately put to summon creatures hell striker out bad behavior is different, Treant grandmother of dead fine call by the reds!Red can choose to make when it calls the dead sperm. The number of dead sperm call!Correct, red let two Treant grandmother summoned all the dead sperm.Too cool! Although the Treant grandmother level affected by “summon the demon spirit” the skill level and decreased to the original grade of the end, but it summoned the dead fine grade but not a drop, or the original grade level! This would work? Red smiling eyes narrowed into slits.The number is two Treant grandmother finally summoned the dry forest fine solutions!This is how calculated?Although the Treant grandmother summoned dead fine level was not affected by their level of reduction. But the call number is affected by its level drops, each Treant grandmother can only call. A dead sperm. But although it &quo

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