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can not wait to finish the fight in Taiwan for two years before the election to answer.Election of the next two years is the hot season,tiffany outlet, each of the previously mentioned problems are not due to the elections in Taiwan, do not occur; these issues are not any political party or the executive, legislative department alone can solve. Therefore, the “central” and “local”, the executive and the legislature, and bipartisan cooperation is urgently needed.Elections are an important part of democracy, but does not mean the election period, political parties only fight,doudoune pjs, not cooperation. Especially in this election season particularly long, threatening major policy development in Taiwan,parajumpers homme, the bill is shut down, it will only make Taiwan more vulnerable. Since the ruling and opposition parties can work together to levy tax the rich, why not re-stride forward quickly on major internal and external issues facing Taiwan,abercrombie fitch, sincere negotiations,peuterey prezzi, and seek common solutions. Mature party politics is both competition and cooperation,tiffany italia, the more heat in the election season,woolrich bologna, the ruling and opposition parties in response to the test of the ability of Taiwan’s internal and external challenges. (High Lang)(Original title: Taiwan media: Taiwan election challenge test inside and outside the island’s ability toBEIJING.

Taiwan has some big problems, forced to be resolved: for example,doudoune pjs, five light stamina 25 years relocation commitments expire next year, the plant involved five hundred billion (NT, the same below) value, thousands of people jobs,parajumpers paris, relevant industry estimated at more than one hundred thousand people. Once the five light plant closings,pjs doudoune, supporting measures in what? Time is increasingly close, must step up communication, in order to avoid renewed grievances.Next came the low birth rate in recent years, the impact of the education industry,zanotti homme, the crisis from elementary,barbour soldes, middle and high school,barbour france, spread to the university, the year after the college admissions than five million people a year ago plummeted, many schools barely fear. “Government” Note this for years, but how to do the whole university and expand foreign enrollment, in order to avoid the closure of universities, hurt the interests of teachers and students,barbour, the resistance has not small, if not harder, after two years of serious social issue.In addition, nuclear power plant (Taiwan fourth nuclear power plant) sequestration, although easing social strife,hollister outlet, but Taiwan’s energy supply,doudoune moncler femme, how to change? Urgent need clear solutions. Nuclear Plant Unit with two operating period up to 2019 in 2018. Subsequently,doudoune parajumpers, the nuclear two, three nuclear age gradually session. If you decide not to extend service three nuclear power plants, 11 years after the nuclear power in Taiwan will no available alternatives in what? If the extension service, the availability of adequate social support? Election-year issue to talk about nuclear power, as in Tongmafengwo. But for industrial investment, the future electricity supply adequacy? How much electricity costs? Is an urgent need to know the problem.

April 23, according to the Korea International Broadcasting Corporation reported on 23, Incheon City,veste barbour, the establishment of the collective mourning for “years” No. shipwreck victims, many people begin to go condolence.Reported that the condolence is established by the Incheon city government of mourning “years” was ferry sinking accident victims Incheon people.