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the hospital side,tiffany outlet,, and there is no obvious fault, but legal experts believe that if the hospital did not identify the responsibility of the case,,hollister site officiel, family members of patients fear is difficult to accept. So, after several deliberations, the experts made the following conclusions: assume responsibility slight hospital.Medical tune Commission staff explained to reporters, “slight” will assume 1% to 20% of the responsibility.Show the two sides signed the “Agreement” between doctors and patients on a career in medicine tune reporters Commission obtained both doctors and patients to accept the results of the mediation committee of the medical tune,gioielli tiffany, and as a final result,hollister outlet,, not to the other new requirements.However,barbour pas cher, both doctors and patients were interviewed reporters Shique get two completely different answers. The risk of side said,outlet hogan, “If the mediation results fell far short of our expectations, we will take the road of litigation.” The hospital said that “no matter how the conclusions, hospitals are willing to accept.”Frequent incidents of medical disputeMediation committees in Guangdong Medical mediation conference room scene,parka woolrich, the reporter saw a patient’s family from Jiangmen shouting “If the hospital did not give me a reasonable answer,moncler doudoune, I am willing to sit in a hole.” Excited family members threatened to kill the doctor . In fact.

So coming downtown and let doctors assume corresponding responsibilities, there are those who do not pay in order to receive compensation for medical expenses or the hospital,, at the expense of hiring professional medical trouble shout hospital medical staff and even hurt.Controversy in the medical tune CommitteeDoctor-patient relationship is tense moment can not be denied to the fact that the central and local, to attempt conciliation by a third party as a new idea. January 8, 2010, the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission three departments jointly issued a document “on the strengthening of people’s medical dispute mediation Work”.

in addition to the well-known HMU murder,hollister sverige, Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University medical injury cases, the First People’s Hospital of Wenling kill medical case, large and small medical dispute events are staged every day.”Faced with complex disease, the doctor can not cure the patient, after all, is a medical science, doctors are human beings,hogan olympia uomo, not God!” A branch of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital cardiovascular surgeon Yang Bo reluctantly said patient considered in relation to health care, “heal the sick, to cure the patient,” the doctor expect too much,barbour international, if you can not accept the fact that an accident occurs,tiffany outlet, then all the blame to the doctor’s body. At the same time, many patients come to the hospital to family members that are “money order” instead of a doctor, since the money, and did not last the life of patients, to find a doctor to lose.”As a patient, to respect medicine, understanding doctor medical face is vastly different people,moncler doudoune, the ever-changing conditions, due to the existence of individual differences,hollister londra,, even the same illness, treatment using the same method, the effect may also be very different, which The reason is difficult to say, not all errors and accidents. This is a limitation of medicine, to overcome every disease will take time and scientific validation. “Yang Bo said, many people feel that the patient died in the hospital the doctor’s negligence.

After the statement of reasons for both doctors and patients,air max bw pas cher,, medical experts from the Medical University of Southern separately to both doctors and patients to ask questions, and finally quit the conference room both doctors and patients,, by medical experts, legal experts and medical staff of the Commission in consultation transfer responsibility identification.In the final part of the whole evaluation, the “off” the reporter saw the tangle of medical experts at the time of final conclusions. From a medical perspective.

calling on the establishment of medical dispute mediation committee.In recent years, all over the country have set up a mediation committee to resolve medical disputes in the third, but the fact that the medical establishment did not tune Commission fundamentally solve the problem of medical disputes,hogan rebel, some experts have questioned the impartiality of its position and effectiveness. Tongling City, Anhui Wang marching tune appointed director of medical opinion, both for hospitals, medical transfer committee or the relevant government departments,giubbotto woolrich, doctor-patient relationship is a hard nut to crack. This is exactly the tone throughout the medical committee’s work is not the main reason for real progress.Guangdong Province, in June 2011, the Guangdong Provincial medical dispute mediation committee was formally established by the end of the same year, Legislative Affairs Office of the Guangdong provincial government announced the “Guangdong Province medical dispute prevention and treatment approaches (draft)”, trying to ease the growing tension in Guangdong The doctor-patient relationship. According to Wang Hui,christian louboutin pas cher, as of the end of April this year, the Guangdong Medical tune Commission received a total of 2124 report, filed accept mediation 1865,, has closed 1342, 1278 mediation success, a success rate of 95.2%.But Guangdong Medical tune Commission is not a government administrative agency, but a private institution. Therefore, it is the voice of doubt that the face of each year tens of thousands of medical dispute mediation, spend a lot of manpower and resources, its operating funds come from? As a non-governmental organization is to ensure its impartiality and neutrality?Wang Hui told reporters, operating funds Guangdong Medical tune Commission established a joint venture with a major commitment by Jiang Tai Insurance Broker Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Banda law firm. By Jiang Tai Insurance Broker Co., eight insurance companies and other insurance bodies.

shared Guangdong province medical liability insurance system insurance underwriting work. Medical tune Commission then set aside a certain amount of commission from JiangTai other insurance companies as its operating funds. While participating in medical liability insurance system of medical insurance in the event of medical disputes.