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The golden light is one Shan, sputum and monkey hair going out into the gold hoop stick.The karma for sick, almost put in front of the idol directly into vomiting object, the monkeys don’t pay attention to personal hygiene!!!Sun Wukong did not know that red is sick he, he eagerly towards the red hand, “little brother, I have some thing to do,tiffany outlets cheap, now farewell, my old to also!”With Sun Wukong back, turned a somersault, wink disappears.Zhu funnel cloud! The red and the thought: “just don’t want to let the monkey to Zhu bucket cloud taught me?”After three seconds of remorse, red immediately look up the gold hoop stick properties, since it is the “golden cudgel” born kids, maybe you will be an artifact!Result. Unable to identify, need identification.Hey, what is the need to identify the good stuff! However,tiffany & engagement rings, in the village of appraiser and the old village, all in the disaster “died”, it seems that the gold hoop stick can only wait until after entering the city and then identified.Put away the gold hoop stick, red and look up “strange eyes sunny gold” attributes:Strange eyes sunny Gold: Monkey King Sun Wukong in the alchemy Taishang senior furnace, built up a pair can be seen breaking all the piercing eye. But he in the Five Fingers Group is pressed five hundred years later, the strength is worse than before, even piercing eye because of long do not use and rusty.Primary (though it can see through everything, but because of the unfamiliar, so periodically. As the broken items, even can not be broken, but also to the items nondestructive. As the other game player to break the monster and, whether seen breaking is successful, will not be found.See through everything? This is what mean? Can’t see through the gold hoop stick? Red to remove the root like a stick as the gold hoop stick, left a “strange eyes sunny gold” the past.”Ding dong! As the broken success!”Yeah! Red ecstasy, cool! Piercing eye can actually when the identification of patients with! But it is a successful! Did not seem strange.Held in the red hand ash not secretively gold hoop stick suddenly out of a golden light, becomes a root and red eyebrow level, at each end of a section of yellow, the middle is red!”Ding dong! Congratulations to game player red grow type of artifact, the gold hoop stick.”The growth of the artifact! Growth of artifact is God! Red mouth smiled ear to ear.He hurried to see the gold hoop stick properties: growth artifact (all with * properties with game player rating and weapons grade changes.)Level 0,Persistent ∞,* attack,tiffany for sale, 9,Attack speed, fast,* with 500 fire damage,*30% crit,Repel.* can summon fire monkey (fire monkey class = game player level,tiffany and co outlet 2013, the number of the fire monkey.

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