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usually from the standpoint of social media and the general public starting township cadres “expose” and “critical.” Expose their self-interest and violated the public interest,abercrombie outlet online, they ignore the central criticism of injunctions and acts recklessly. On the part of the township cadres, this “expose” and “criticism” is not excessive. But thus shaped by the “grass-roots cadres poor” image, almost everyone thinking township cadres “first impression.” The academic recognition and evaluation of township government, has long been inadequate. One example is, the beginning of this century, the future of China’s township academic regime launched a debate. Some scholars advocated the withdrawal of the existing township government, leaving only several agencies as the agency’s. As the position of township-level governance body did not get their approval, the image of the township cadres can imagine – they not only did not play an active role, but that they often play a negative role, and even somewhat redundant.Grassroots eyes of grassroots cadresIn the eyes of some of the grassroots, the image of the township cadres often associated with “greedy” and “bad” together. In political psychology farmer survey by the author.

the vast majority of farmers township cadres have “too corrupt” qualitative judgments. As for the “bad”,chaussure louboutin pas cher, often with the township cadres attitude and treat people the way. Tax reforms, rural two regimes money every year to reach out to the farmers to be food,chaussures louboutin pas cher, a heavy burden on farmers, tensions between cadres. In this context,abercrombie et fitch, the township cadres from the “Predator” image is not far away. It was fashionable then yes,parka woolrich, “a reminder of grain to be money, money terrible.” Township government for grassroots things done, as well as some public expenditures necessary to apportion the grassroots people do not necessarily can understand. But taxes are levied and family planning in fines and mandatory,abercrombie pas chere, but it is obvious,abercrombie roma, most of them negative impression of the township cadres resulting. After the cancellation of agricultural tax,doudoune moncler femme, the township no money to farmers, farmers generally no demand in the township,abercrombie & fitch, in addition to a number of rare and family planning matters such as accreditation, and township cadres had to fight some of the dealings, they will feel the township cadres with them little relationship. At the same time,hollister abercrombie, the township government’s focus gradually to investment and the “maintenance of stability” above. Investment often involves land acquisition and demolition,tiffany, can easily lead to conflict.(The author is Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Management.

Wuhan University)”Hard,woolrich italia, no matter how tough must be a consensus to move forward.”Shen Qiu County, Henan party secretary Liu old town contribution: the image of good grass-roots cadres, fundamentally depend on whether or accomplishing something for the masses. I work at the grassroots level-two years,louboutin pas cher, I feel the grass-roots cadres in the eyes of the people have an image from the “awe” gradual “look down” process of change. The reason is mainly former followers now than grassroots cadres low income,hogan online, do not matter, no status. Especially solve planning, schooling, these soldiers are closely related to people living with “big.

the county funding alone is not enough, or township cadres have “brains” to “open up financial resources.” The results are also expected, both want the horse to run,hollister lille horaires, not enough grass for the horses. Image township cadres is a product of this pattern.Public opinion,felpe hollister, academics in the eyes of the grassroots cadresIn the negative image of public opinion and academia, township cadres often than positive image. Towns are dealing directly with the grassroots forefront. During the execution of the policy of the central and superiors in dealing with governance matters within the scope of the township, there will inevitably be some mistakes,doudoune moncler pas cher, and even lead to contradictions and conflicts. Once the focus of the event appeared on governance.