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said outside the dead fall death fell to his death,tiffany roma, and plans to occupy the cover of the new house of the deceased,soldes hollister pas cher, both over the “happy life.”February 14,tiffany, 2014 morning,hollister soldes, HE Street police station received a double star in the village area of � he Village Creek Natural villagers Huang Yuanyu telephone report said: “it is the police station, my brother Huang Yuanxiu died suddenly last night,veste barbour homme, my sister-in-law was killed in speaking,tiffany outlet, I doubt not killed, and you quickly come visit. “He Wuchuan Bing Street police station after receiving the alarm, while reporting to superiors, the police rushed to the scene while the organization to investigate and conduct on-site protection. After confirming the case.

twenty years ago,,giubbotti woolrich, and others derailed, nags Huang Yuanxiu been on the derailment,, said Pingmou dislike.Because of his wife’s “criminal record” in the normal life of the deceased drunken,moncler outlet, often with his wife after a drunken brawl, and sometimes even impose its domestic violence. Pingmou called silent resentment, swallow.Huang Yuanxiu neighbor Huang Mouxiu this scene look in the eyes,, in the nearly three-year-old wife yet he kept that in mind,, often by the opportunity to go to the dead Gesanchawu drink guest house and outside the house on Pingmou said being,, caring.Pingmou called for ‘s “thoughtful” very moved,, one to two to go,tiffany anelli, which is a large age difference between men and women had a deformity of love, by the end of 2012,louboutin pas cher, they gradually come together and become a pair of wild ducks deep in the mountains .Over the past year, have a “love” the sweetness of Pingmou said sit still. By the end of 2013,, Pingmou said that “not tolerate”,hollister online, and with Valentine Huang Mouxiu conspiracy “do away” marriage together after her husband and occupy just do of new homes. Huang Mouxiu hear immediately closed consent, decided to play it by ear to kill Huang Yuanxiu.February 13, 2014 at 8 pm,nike air max 1, as usual drunken quarrel with Pingmou said, the first to pick up the wood stick Pingmou said waving to . pain after eating chased his wife.

Babu Branch Criminal Investigation Brigade deployed, HE Street police station task force formed to carry out investigation work.Police learned before departure, binary village remote location, Mile Creek Village is the binary nature’s most remote natural Walled Village, traffic is extremely inconvenient.12:00 pm,abercrombie milano, police task force finally arrived at the scene. After investigation, the police found the deceased Huang Yuanxiu (male, 59 years old) lying at home in a pool of blood in the tenements of the entrance hallway, sounded blood. Preliminary analysis of the deceased head of the police department is unknown blunt object hit repeatedly violent death and the deceased dressed,hollister italia, the room has no signs of turning.”Who killed ?” With questions, the police task force of personnel and the environment surrounding the incident to the full range of diagnostic investigation launched that murder is unlikely possibility.

but killings suspect was killed and the situation gradually rise.Police identified the deceased’s wife and neighbors said Huang Mouxiu Pingmou major crime suspects,barbour femme,, then immediately play “double reed” said Pingmou control and positive errands,scarpe hogan, most likely no flight “lover” Huang Mouxiu catch catch.According Pingmou name and confessed: They hooked into adultery more than a year,braccialetto tiffany, planned to marry after murdered together, occupy the dead just made a new house,hollister abercrombie, and said outside the deceased fell to his death. Thus, the 13 evening, multiply Huang Yuanxiu drunk, they bring home firewood sticks violence hitting Huang Yuanxiu head caused his death.Pingmou called marriage with the deceased Huang Yuanxiu nearly three decades. Pingmou called normal life style is not indecent.