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at the beginning of spring, the wrong end of this period of fate, this spring season have the opportunity to start a new emotional trip. (The interviewer should require more than a pseudonym)Newspaper reporter Zhao Yuan(Original title: Guys and Dolls blind embarrassing thing Mo Lee on behalf of the case the trial judge analyzed the phenomenon of the literary circle star four types of drug-related Why become a star drug-risk groups?REVIEW: Last month, singer Lee on behalf of foam due to shelter or other drug Chaoyang court sentenced nine months. Recently, the renowned director Zhang Yuan detained following the 2008 drug relapse was arrested, also well-known screenwriter Ningcai Shen was arrested for drug.

reflecting the weak legal concept, and before being exposed for drug-related instructions Man Wenjun, a fresh examples Xie Dong, Li did so on behalf of the foam to make them alert. “The negative impact of drug-related cases of public figures is very bad, and some may also their fans, especially among the youth groups adverse demonstration effect.”Should cherish the image of public figuresWan Bing believes that drugs harm than a benefit, not to rely on drugs to lose weight, relieve stress and other nonsense even inspired. Faced with work pressure, low life, such as the state of spiritual emptiness,tn, not superstition drug role, and the need to face life.

a lot of people become drug release pressure and self-indulgence of psychological dependence goods.”Lee has said on behalf of the foam, it is due to his own career pressure, the cause of ring true depression, relieve stress for the purpose and in the ‘friends’ of the introduction of the drug addicted.” Ten thousand soldiers, said.Drug-related adverse affect public figuresTen thousand soldiers that in recent years, entertainers and other public figures smoking, taking drugs shelter frequent incidents of others, on the one hand explain the increasing number of drug-related in this population has become a large group; the other hand.

Into December, seeing to go to Christmas, thousands of back and pushed all the Christmas offer, waiting and watching this relatively pleasing boy for Christmas. “Maybe you can determine the relationship of it.” So thousand back for Christmas and some look forward to. However, just two days before Christmas, the boy suddenly sent a message saying, go to Hong Kong on business, to come back after Christmas. Turned down all invitations back over a thousand cheerless Christmas.Because Christmas trip, the boy repeatedly apologized.

a blessing in the day and night’, but let me not think. “thousands of back not prepared to say in their own time to think, cousin has heard the message that there was a girl to the boy’s company trouble, that is talked about eight years, and now life and death to break up the boy, girl gas, however, referred to the company up.”I say there is a problem, if no girlfriend how would the weekend gone? Nobody the holidays? Obviously accompany his girlfriend to go! Has a girlfriend but also people described the object is simply a bad conscience greatly!” Thousands of back angrily said. Fortunately.

promised to bring thousands of back New Year’s Day a good time, the result is a sudden trip before New Year’s Day. Until after a year, soon to be Valentine, and thousands of back thinking this will not be a sudden trip of it, two people know Ye months, taking advantage of this opportunity to put the total of the relations settle down. “But he has a business trip, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, or come back after the holiday had finished. I was put in mind scolded them a hundred times, a quick glance it is not so! Let others old holiday travel.” Thousands turn back .”But one night I lay in bed, put these things together like a back and forth again, I always feel something is wrong, why he is not in the holidays, had finished section appeared at night and I rarely Contact, I suddenly realized one thing, he has a girlfriend! “Think of it, thousands of back immediately jumped to my cousin called and let her go to check this thing.”He definitely has a girlfriend, and if I did not see you mention the head.” Listen kept cousin said it was impossible, thousands of back put down such a sentence. Cousin replied the next day, her husband asked several people, said the man was single.Meet again, when thousands of back and asked him, always on weekends, holidays gone, “the man cheap looking over the back of the sentence ‘a long long time if the two conditions.

which makes the “star drug-related,” this phenomenon once again become the focus of public attention.Yesterday, Lee had been hearing the case on behalf of the Chaoyang District Judge Mo ten thousand soldiers of the star drug-related phenomena are analyzed, and points out the four types of drug-related star. In Wan Bing seems favorable economic conditions, almost extravagant amateur star to promote drug-related life are important reasons.Star high-risk groups into the drug-related casesSinger Xie Dong was arrested due to drug use three times, Taiwanese artist Xiao Shu Shen drug twice been sentenced, Taiwan Variety Show Host cucumber alleged drug abuse, the number of its luxury ceilings root marijuana seized on the singer Man Wenjun couple birthday parties to entertain drugs friends, eventually they have been detained, his wife was sentenced to … recent years, the star drug possession, drug scandal has been uncommon, becoming drug-related cases of high-risk groups.Chaoyang Court Judge thousand men believe that this is mainly related to unhealthy lifestyles, as the “star” of their fast-paced life, work pressure, irregular schedule, sometimes all night long for days of high-intensity work. In addition, favorable economic conditions provide them with the strength of the consumption of drugs, colorful, extravagant and even encourage them to spare constantly seeking new stimulation. In this process.