tn 500 yuanSubway was “groping” attackLast June

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but the case involves plaintiff’s video, internal audit processes, etc. can not come; for network users to upload to the content network against civil rights of others, shall assume the tort liability by network users,tn, network Service providers not only take notice promptly after receiving the necessary measures to expand the part of the damage fishes jointly and severally liable with the network users.Phoenix infringement courtIdentified in the trial court, the video harassment dragon lady surnamed Ling has been made a three-day administrative detention penalties public security organs. Ms. Long has Lingan sued Lingmou, through mediation, Lingmou compensation paid 5000 yuan, and a written apology.Court after hearing the view that citizens, legal persons shall enjoy the right of reputation, personal dignity of citizens are protected by law, Internet users.

seeking to delete the video. However,christian louboutin, Phoenix did not respond to this. Soon after, Ms. Long then issued quickly to Phoenix lawyer, asking them to immediately stop the infringement of the plaintiff, delete related videos. At this time, Phoenix fishes video involving plaintiffs were removed.Video madness spread angered partyHowever, Miss Long found Phoenix posted videos on society has caused some repercussions, not only crazy reproduced online, major media including CCTV also carried a report on the matter, also once boarded Sina Bo hot topic.In this regard, Miss Long think it right to his reputation caused great damage to the Pudong New District Court ordered sued Phoenix, Phoenix requires an apology and compensation for their expenses 200,hollister pas cher,000 yuan for mental damages,nike tn, attorneys’ fees 5000 yuan, notary fees 1,500 yuan.On the court, the plaintiff Miss Long alleged that the defendant, as a well-known online media,nike tn 2014, has a large user base, to achieve its business purpose, the blind pursuit of hits,chaussure louboutin, for the reputation of the plaintiff’s right to privacy and the right to turn a blind eye,barbour pas cher, in violation of basic legal knowledge the defendant’s conduct to the plaintiff’s work and life caused great distress, so that the plaintiff mental and physical exhaustion, mental suffering great pain, and the incident resulted in a psychological shadow plaintiff then take the subway, the impact of the plaintiff’s normal life.Phoenix in the court of the plaintiff Miss Long made an apology,tn, and argued that the video section is taken after netizens reached the site of the Phoenix Phoenix podcast (), based on existing technology, for channel-related violence on, involving yellow video is the ability to delete the election.

suspended for four years and fined 100,000 yuan; defendant Wang, Liu guilty of the crime of illegal deposits from the public, were sentenced to one year six months,nike tn pas cher, suspended for three years and fined 50, � Morning News reporters Li Donghua and Tong Xunyuan HuangdanMiss Long subway harassment when outlaws, photographed after netizens posted to the Phoenix online, led to a public hot. Miss Long victim in the video is not for obfuscation of their right to damage the reputation of the grounds,barbour france, the Phoenix court seeking compensation for mental anguish fees of RMB 20 million. Recently.

the Pudong New District Court hearing of the case and the first instance verdict,chaussure tn pas cher, Phoenix compensate the plaintiff Miss Long spirit of solatium, attorneys’ fees and notary fees 24,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher,500 yuan.Subway was “groping” attackLast June, during a dragon lady subway,escarpins louboutin, a man suffered harassment. At the time, Miss Long sitting on a subway seat rest, left a man took the opportunity to sit quietly,christian louboutin paris, “claws” toward the dragon lady’s chest. After Miss Long found shelter with his left arm to protect himself.Unexpectedly,tn pas chere, this scene happens to be a friends secretly shot down, and released to the Phoenix online. The next day,toms outlet, Miss Long known by colleagues and friends incident, immediately go online and read,piumini peuterey, can not help but shocked. It turned out that users of high-definition video shot, no blur, mosaic cover treatment to upload to Phoenix, Phoenix has no content review and processing, video features the characters face are very clear, Miss Long at her friends can recognized her.So,louboutin pas cher, Miss Long videos Phoenix immediately reply, asked the defendant to remove the video or the plaintiff’s facial features such as mosaics done deal. Meanwhile, Ms. Long also feedback page views by Phoenix and Phoenix offices around the telephone contact defendant.