tn and together they opened to the village when

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I heard the police in Nanjing found his car, to realize that get away.

Yesterday morning,christian louboutin soldes, the reporter learned from the Police Department,tn, arrested for hit and run and the owner was arrested tricycle.Police intelligence: 3 year-old girl down the street diedAfter the incident,air max pas cher pour femme, police in the vicinity of a site to find the parents of children to work, found his mother still holding a child still in their infancy, this 3-year-old daughter often playing himself in temporary accommodation nearby, sudden and unexpected, so The couple distressed. Residents reflect that, then heard the sound of harsh braking, came out found the child lying on the ground, but did not see the vehicle. There are people around the incident reflected see two men sitting through a three-wheeled motorcycle, as to whether it is caused by a car accident,toms shoes outlet, no one saw. Night of the incident, which is the name of the poor 3-year-old girls were seriously injured due to intracranial, left this world.Filing: police decided to initiate an investigation in accordance with the Traffic AccidentPolice characterized as this accident Traffic Accident handle. Since the incident, there is no monitoring facilities village lane, police from the surrounding road access to the village to start monitoring information. Police found a car from the monitoring period in time of the incident out of the village over the three-wheeled motorcycle, police found a trail from the car, its vehicle handles to hang a cloth bags,louboutin, car built with a box around two screenshot photographs,felpe hollister, police began four visits.10 police in the next 10 days,air max femme, almost day and night, regardless of access to tens of thousands of video segments,louboutin paris, compared to more than one hundred thousand video shots, and finally six kilometers away from the crime scene,tn air max 2014 pas cher, the police by virtue of the fuzzy picture on the bag and boxes identified the suspect vehicle and driver’s clues and Xiechatongbao posted to all streets within 10 km surrounding area.September 15.

police in the investigation learned that some residents have seen a similar suspect vehicle, driving people like waste collection, once at the time of the acquisition of waste due to buckle scales have been disputed. Soon,air max pas cher, the police found along this trail suspects temporary office. But was told the landlord, the parties in early September left Nanjing back home in Anhui, the party said to sell the bike and buy a new three-wheeled motorcycle. Police also a motorcycle repair shop in the river to find the suspects sold by tuk-tuk.Solve the case: suspects scared to sell motorcycle accidentSeptember 17 morning,louboutin soldes, the police rushed to Zhao PuKou home,air max pas cher pour homme, deeply difficult to escape Zhao,toms outlet, accompanied by his family, to his hometown in Anhui police station to surrender.According to Zhao confessed that the incident that day, he kindly take along a old ride, the other asked him to collect waste, and together they opened to the village when, unexpectedly knocked the girl playing in the street. Because fear,piumini peuterey, ride away on their own elderly, Zhao see no one sees,chaussure louboutin homme, but also to drive away, this is the entrance to the village of monitoring show that only one person driving Zhao reasons. He said,air max one pas cher, in fact, he knew that the police were looking for him,christian louboutin shoes, scared to buy a new motorcycle to sell, he also features some original handlebars and car removed or altered on the whole. Later.