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reporters from the new City Public Security Bureau police station learned Xilin Road,tn, eight months after committing the crime fled surname Wang ultimate online fugitives were arrested in the city.Things but also from January 23 this year to start. On that day, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province High-tech District Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade received Tianmou police said the victims: their company Dongfeng Cummins truck stolen license plate number Hebei G . Since then, the local police after investigation,barbour soldes, culminating in the April 23 in Zhangjiakou City Zhangbei found the stolen vehicle. According to the account of the man driving this car is a man named surname Wang 18,red bottoms,000 yuan at a low price to sell him. And the police for further investigation showed that the surname Wang is the victim Tianmou company hired a driver. And this person is missing after a large truck shortly after he left the company I do not know their own place. Before finalizing the name of a man called the surname Wang is suspected of stealing a large truck after the suspect, Zhangjiakou City police to conduct nationwide as online fugitives wanted.September 26, New City Public Security Bureau police station Xilin Road found an important clue in the work, was eight months old country wanted fugitives online surname Wang finally appeared in the city. Immediately, the police immediately dispatched, on the same night in a hotel near the train station will be sleeping surname Wang successfully captured.Preliminary examination, the surname Wang Tianmou truck theft confessed, saying the company’s big trucks Tianmou theft because it was 3000 yuan owed wages. September 27, reporters learned that the suspect will be handed over high-tech zones surname Wang Zhangjiakou City Public Security Bureau of Interpol Battalion further investigation. (Reporter correspondent Hu Zhenhua Wang Yingui) (Source: Hohhot EvenUS media said that China’s new J-15 carrier-based aircraft will be equipped with a more powerful engine made in China.

According to reports, as of the 26th, Yanshi high school north and south campuses of “ban” panels have been removed, but in front of the marquee has been adjusted for eight ban. The school said,zanotti homme, removed the panels are less stringent because the wording of individual needs,christian louboutin pas cher, as appropriate, the provisions of the introduction is not to punish but to guide and hope to gain understanding of the community.(Original title: boys and girls handle twice eNewspaper Commentator Zhang YongqiDirector of Shenzhen Fu leaders of the Government Offices Administration of the Secretariat,barbour pas cher, almost every weekend, triggering public outcry. Fu acknowledged leaders of the open bus does not play golf.

but added that he did not break the law,abercrombie france, because there is no rule that says how to use the bus. (January 22,cheap christian louboutin, “Nanfang Dushi Bao”)How to use the bus, already clearly defined levels. Celebrities Fu said he did not break the law to open a bus to play golf,woolrich outlet, this is a little ridiculous. Not only these things. Just last week,boutique louboutin paris, the Shenzhen Municipal Government Offices Administration of conduct annual appraised, Fu leaders of the Year 2013 was hit by a non-identified as a leading member of the civil service examination outstanding individuals currently being publicized,felpe hollister, the relevant public is also posted on the bureau’s public bar. FU leaders of the bus in golf became public after the opening,moncler outlet, this council had to cancel its annual appraised qualifications. Otherwise, open the bus almost every weekend playing golf Director,louboutins, was named the outstanding civil servants will be able to logically year.So Fu leaders of how he has been excellent commentary on the need to understand why. If it is through democratic appraisal and commentary on,air max pas cher femme, at least to explain, in their office as open as Fu leaders of playing golf on the bus is not a case.

even with the universal, the Council leadership and general staff have become accustomed to, do not think it is violation of discipline. If this is the final decision of the Council leadership,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, then there is appraised undemocratic. But no matter what kind of situation, are the false positive, indicating that the value of the standard had tilted,jordan pas cher, the danger is even greater, and therefore more worrying.Director of Open golf bus was named outstanding direct responsibility in the Director himself, but the root cause is the lack of supervision units. Not a private bus,tiffany roma, which is the minimum requirement for public officials. The leaders of Gongjusiyong Fu can flow helpless, there is a problem not only bus management council. At the same time, open the bus out to play golf, at least that the council management relaxation, there is a lack of separation phenomenon. The open bus golfer was rated as excellent, it is right and wrong, misleading staff. Moreover,bracciale tiffany, golfing are extravagant consumption, we must do a membership card to spend $ 70,000 a month to spend a lot of money. If golf membership card is a gift, which has the nature of a bribe, the relevant departments should follow the clues investigation continues.Because of dissatisfaction with the boss owed its 3000 yuan wages, wage earners surname Wang turned the company a value of more than 20 million trucks sold cheap after the theft. September 27.