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he has not touched a paintbrush.

favorite painter Van Gogh.David is learning the mold, had a factory in Dongguan boss. Financial crisis, when the factory closed. 2005 years ago, he was convicted of schizophrenia to a mental hospital for months lived 2009 years ago because of severe insomnia, he again came to a mental hospital. Know the studio,tn, he would come here every day to paint, for two hours each morning and afternoon. “I’ve been through a lot of things, I just want to express through painting things in mind, it can be considered to encourage yourself.” David said, smiling.Chen: Fruit boss diverted painting landscapes46-year-old Chen is doing wholesale fruit business, a few years ago was admitted to a mental hospital,tiffany gioielli, but until two weeks ago began to learn painting. He told reporters that since the primary painting in art class a few strokes later.

but we all know he paint it. Those watching his abstract paintings,tiffany collane, many people will think of the famous Picasso. His paintings sent to a mental hospital in Hong Kong, Germany and other exhibitors, the audience saw were full of praise.In this particular studio, you will sigh mentally ill artistic creativity. Exquisite ink landscape, gorgeous paint, patients were a little sketched out, express their rich inner world. Medical staff said, now nearly ten studio painting enthusiasts, we enjoy it every day, every day a good mental state.Paintings abstract and difficultTheme of human natureWindow.

Abstract paintings have sold for thousands of dollars claiming to be “reasonable representational” If you want to do art exhibitionText / reporter Ren Chaoliang,giubbotto woolrich, Chen Xiang Sui China correspondent declaredMap / reporter Huang ChengfengWhat Argus in the picture? No one can say clearly, but we all know he paint it. Those watching his abstract paintings,doudoune parajumpers, many people will think of the famous Picasso. His paintings sent to a mental hospital in Hong Kong, Germany and other exhibitors, the audience saw were full of praise.Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau in a mental hospital,hollister france officiel, there is a small studio, every day 9:00 am, Argus will be here on time to start his day’s painting. What is he painting? No one can say clearly.

had no formal art education.Mental hospital medical staff found that just arrived Argus sometimes draw something on the table. So they bought a pen and paper, for Argus painted play. Argus painting very input, as long as painting,chaussure louboutin pas cher, his mood is very stable, daytime look awfully,hogan rebel, sleep well at night. Then set up a psychiatric rehabilitation department, which has a small studio. Argus already got a studio every day, lunch and then draw back,outlet moncler, and sometimes in the evening back to the ward also drew incessantly.A few years ago, a mental hospital volunteers to Argus paintings framed up, go to the Hong Kong exhibition, people are amazed to watch. In some charity auction, his paintings have sold for several thousand dollars. Argus is now hoping to do a exhibition in Guangzhou, to let people know the mentally ill can achieve artistic achievements.These “Picasso had”Everyone has a storyTherapist told reporters before a mental hospital only Argus like painting, floor to him in the rehabilitation hospital opened a small studio. Now like to draw people already have seven or eight,doudoune moncler femme, the hospital was looking for a bigger house to make room studio.David: Factory boss favorite Van Gogh36-year-old David holding a brush, on the drawing board painted with Peking Opera. After more than a week’s draw,moncler doudoune, nearing the end of his creation. “What are those pipes represent?” Reporters asked curiously. “Twists and turns of life on behalf of it.” David said. “Green is hope, purple is a romantic oil painting out of the Peking Opera, but also reflects the integration of Chinese and Western cultures.” David told reporters that he likes impressionist paintings.

sunny, green grass, but rarely looked out to see the Argus. Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau in psychiatric occupational therapy department drawing room,moncler doudoune, the 49-year-old Argus has a post of their own painting table. He often sat motionless at the table, staring down at the drawing paper, and slowly draw with a pen on top. What is he painting? We do not know, but it is certain that he is definitely not in the random graffiti. We think that is abstract, but Argus claiming to be “reasonable representational.”In a work called “pleasure”, the Argus drew a plausible face. That nose you,christian louboutin, how so white elephant? That’s right eye, how one small one high and one low? That hair do, how to look like undulating waves? Although it looks confusing,moncler outlet, but the audience also clearly felt a smile. Argus in the paintings of the four sentences written inscription: “Light of Life, understanding of the world; the harvest hope, feel the joy.”Wall rehabilitation department, the reporter saw the Argus of another painting – “look”, twisted lines, red, green, black and other strong contrasting colors,hollister londra, unpredictable creator of ideas. He explained that people do not understand a lot of things.

but also the interests of each other, conflict, it is important we understand each other. As for the work “feeling and thinking,” Argus explained that “gratitude, healthy and progressive thinking.” We care about people,hollister, resolve, and this is the main content of Argus paintings.Never received formal art educationPainting every day from morning to night non-stopThe doctor told reporters, Argus suffering from schizophrenia,air max bw pas cher, currently in rehabilitation. Most of the time he and normal people, just occasionally, his eyes stare blankly in one direction, talking to himself, sometimes laughter.Argus was admitted to a mental hospital in 2001, when his father had died,hollister italia, his mother and sister really can not take care of this agitated patients with schizophrenia. Sister said when he sent his brother used to do design a department store in Guangzhou.