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000 “underwater Museum” will make in 3-5 years,tn, with a distinctive look Saros Bay who travel show in front of people will experience the underwater during World War I. Dardanelles campaign in this outbreak and thus enjoy the history of Saros Bay area.Saros Bay is located in the south bank of the Turkish border in the Aegean Sea, in addition to the Red Sea and the Adriatic Sea known outside the cleanest waters in the world, Turkey early in 1989 he carried out research on this waters.Asking six hundred million yuanSold in the United States will hit a recordComprehensive Daily News According to British media reports,moncler, is located in New York City,hollister pas cher, a mansion up for sale recently, and it’s asking price has reached a stunning $ 90 million (nearly six hundred million yuan)!This French Gothic-style mansion located in the city of New York, No. 80 East Main Street, covers 1672 square meters, has 10 bedrooms,basket nike, 11 toilets, three kitchens, a library, an elevator,moncler, a gym and a garden . It is understood that this building was built in the early 20th century mansion, the giant discount stores Woolworth for his daughter Helena being built, the wealthy neighborhoods still beside his other two daughters built two similar The mansion, are also preserved. And these three are from the famous mansion architect Gilbert’s hands.This building was a prewar-style mansion in the fitness industry tycoons mere price of $ 6 million (40 million yuan), bought in 1995 for use as men gym. According to real estate agency.

to the point of “humor”, and sometimes it can resolve the crisis in the invisible.According to foreign media reports,nike tn, visiting the Middle East,louboutin femme, US President Barack Obama recently gave a speech to university students in Jerusalem, Israel, which referred to the United States has always been a close ally of Israel, when suddenly was a male student protest downtown market. This male students in the audience loudly protested, but then was the scene of other students with boos siege, asking him to shut up. Then security personnel, he was swiftly taken away from the venue of. However, in the process,piumino moncler, Obama did not get angry on stage, he has always been to maintain calm tone,air jordan 4, as if to listen carefully to the boys cry.

then responded: “This is what we just talked about part of the so-called live discussions, very good . “Then, many students in the audience stood up and applauded. He also joked,moncler outlet, “I must say, in fact, this is our arrangement, so that it makes me feel really at home.” “Without even a downtown market, and I would feel weird.”Obama humor to defuse this in a media interview in the audience also received good response on the spot. Israel, a 25 year old university student Varna said in an interview that Obama is a president,parajumpers pas cher, but also a rock star,abercrombie outlet, he really understands how to impress people’s hearts.(Original title: Obama’s speech was student protests cold humor to defuse awkward eligiblInternational online news (reporter Hou Yibing): According to the Turkish state television website reported on the 28th, Turkey will build a “Underwater Museum” located in the Aegean Saros Bay, which will also be the world’s first building similar.Museum Project Leader in engineering conference that day said, according to plan, the project staff will be placed underwater first three warships and a fighter, then the body will be placed in a variety of ship wrecks in the museum and the construction of storage and exhibition rooms, equipped with underwater rescue forces. Yapu Man pointed out that the museum’s construction process will always put the environment first,abercrombie paris, the museum is completed, will have a positive impact on the resources of Underwater Saros Bay area.Yapu Man believes that this cost $ 400.

said the reason why the house asking price is so high, because it is rare to save so well, decoration is also very perfect, without changes to the pre-war style mansion.Of course, for those who want to live in luxury,barbour soldes, but think the price is somewhat high for people who can rent down.

these wood are cutting back too. Perhaps it is the platform dock, is the oldest evidence of the existence of the European wood craft.Dr. Milner York University,discount christian louboutin shoes, said: “This is a very sensational discovery, let us then the addition of some people’s lives to understand, I get a vivid picture of, for example, this house looks like at different times were. rebuilt. Then more than likely have a house, there may be a lot of people live here. Those artificial jewelry, especially antlers do headdress was amazing,abercrombie france, some of them suggesting that ritual activities. “Although hundreds of thousands of years ago hunters appeared in the UK,hogan outlet, but only to the end of the Ice Age, after the glaciers receded, Britain became the place of long-term human habitation. (Source: China Daily CaiHong Beijing March 24 news (reporter Chai Hua), according to Voice of China “CNR News” reported that the president’s address, when the protest if the encounter downtown market,doudoune parajumpers, how to do? Has numerous public speaking experience Barack Obama proved practical action.