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with a bag of five cents to each bank outlets.”I’m afraid someone robbed anyway, Cheng Si on 12500!” Ms. Zhang said with a smile, she ran around ten days, nearly 20 banking outlets.”One into the operating room, the staff they see me carrying a large bag, that is a lot of money, very happy.” Ms. Zhang said, opening a look at all five hair, some people face immediately to look good.The very fact that,tn, go to the bank outlets, many people are in the queue, Care,louboutin homme, and sometimes she also embarrassed the whole bag of money to the bank.More than 40.

000 individual pieces 4It took four hours to points clearRan off almost half of the time,air max femme pas cher, the very fact that the family left six bags of more than 70,000 yuan. June 23 afternoon,christian louboutin shoes, Ms. Zhang went to the bank branch in Changzhou Guanghua Street business department.”My staff called the reception Zhao Lei,hogan olympia donna, she was particularly forgive me.” Ms. Zhang said that Zhao Lei mind quick, put a bag over two hours to get 12,air max pas cher enfant,500 yuan.Yesterday morning, Ms. Zhang Guanghua once again came to the CCB Street business department. This time, the bank specially arranged for three staff members to help the very fact that counting money.I heard that the very fact that there are four bags of money at home,abercrombie, business department heads together to help Ms. Zhang Yang promised to get rid of. The very fact delighted to call his family, so hurry to the bank.11 am, the Modern Express reporter saw the very fact that his father drove to the bank door. Open the trunk.

the injury is not too serious battery owners, major injury in his left foot. In addition to soft tissue injury, possibly a fracture toes.(Original title: driver foot throttle “break” into roadsiReceived 400,nike air max,000 yuan loan,chaussure tn pas cher, basically five gross banknotesThe very fact that every day,hogan interactive donna, carrying a bag of money to keep the bank ran nearly 20 banks out of more than 80,000 outlets exist only yesterday, CCB received all the rest, four hours before counting the moneyReceived 400,000 yuan of the purchase price,louboutin, are basically five cents a bill, Changzhou very fact that people worry about bad. This is half a month ago, she almost every day riding a cable car with a bag bill went to various bank branches to save money. Until yesterday, CCB a business department to accept her the rest of the more than 70.

000 yuan of five gross notes, only to help her solve a big problem.Full payment is 400,000 coinsAll the weight of the van burst tire”Previously only seen on television and the Internet, I did not expect would happen to me.” Ms. Zhang told Modern Express reporter yesterday.The very fact that the home plant opened, do copper processing business. Early June this year, a client told her to Shanghai, a 400,000 yuan of the purchase price can end up with, but are change. Ms. Zhang asked the other party can not fight money? The other said that at present only change, otherwise they will be like.Business cash flow is very important. A few days later, the very fact that my husband and a staff member opened a van arrived at the factory to Shanghai.The very fact that rushed to the customer units, although there is mental preparation, the very fact that her husband was in front of sacks of coins or “scared.”These coins, there are 30 million are 5 cents to the bill, and the rest is 5 hair,nike tn, a coin. ‘d Neatly bundled bills every 500 bundle, then packed in 30 to a white bag, the bag of 12,500 yuan.Has been busy getting dark, the very fact that my husband and staff only become money bags loaded on the train. Unexpectedly, drove up to the speed did not take long, actually a flat tire.The very fact that estimate,air max femme, the money about two tons heavier. Weighing over the toll station at the time, and found more than one ton overweight. After the puncture, the very fact that they can only husband stayed one night at a high speed, the two slept in the car.

after all, the car full of money.It is the very fact that these notes are from overseas customers a bus company over, there are about 7 million yuan.Riding a cable car to save money every dayRan ten days did not keep completeThe very fact that a car is just beginning to see the money, she even a little excited. But later, they are one people began to worry about.”Good deal coins,hollister france, banknotes simply unwanted.” Ms. Zhang said,tn soldes, 400,000 which, paid to a unit of more than 100,chaussures louboutin,000 yuan. The remaining five are all hairy notes, wages paid tens of thousands of dollars, but also forcibly superimpose a customer 80000.”So much change,giubbotti peuterey nuovo arrivo, but also quite hard to spend.” Ms. Zhang said,hollister soldes france, the car to maintenance, she is tied with the three 1500 dollars paid to the 4S shop.In this way, the very fact that his hand left more than 160,000 yuan of five gross bill can not handle.There is no way, the very fact that the day riding a cable car.

which in addition to four bags of five gross notes, there is a tray 5 dime.Bag of banknotes, reporters carry in your hand reckon three or four pounds.

30-year-old up and down, opened the car is black Skoda Octavia, “Listen, she said he was a novice, the road did not take long.” While the battery is about the owner of a 30-year-old women.It is understood that the battery away from the area where the car was out of the intersection to see some positive direction pass blocking Bianxiang shops, and the black car is entering the cell from the outside. Surprisingly, not a home driver technology, there may be a foot pedal too hard also biased direction, the results hit the battery owners.Reporters on the scene saw the owner was knocked down in the battery position, there can still be seen in the blood. Sidewalk side of the front of the store, originally had two Shizhuang, a car has been “uprooted” knocked down. “Thanks to this Shizhuang (as a buffer), or else, the car crashed into the store directly sure.” Mr. House said.Later, the owner was sent to the provincial battery Xinhua Hospital. Reporters learned from the hospital.