tn pas cher lived in at least half an hour’s drive from the city center

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taking advantage of the summer into the forest alone, backpacking, travel hours to re-take visited attractions,tn pas cher, and the “truth” angry. “At that time travel project, in fact, only at Universal Studios in Los Angeles and Disneyland, as well as the Statue of Liberty in New York a boat tour attractions require a small fee, and the rest,hollister site officiel, such as the Golden Gate Bridge,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher, Lombard Street,air max pas cher, Fisherman’s Wharf, Wall Street, United Nations headquarters and various museums are all free of charge, simply do not want money. “Three years ago, Lin Cheng follow study tours to almost all first-tier cities, but eat Chinese buffet $ 10 per person, lived in at least half an hour’s drive from the city center, similar to domestic Samsung standard hotel. Lin Cheng Today backpacking himself in the hotel and found most marked between Samsung grade no higher than $ 150 / night.”One can imagine, then study tours of low cost and to what extent, but they have sold us 30 000 per person!”More exaggerated, fees this school study tour program actually gone up every year, this year’s Summer Camp for American High School students has risen to 85,000 yuan – time for three weeks, including tour Caltech, UCLA and USC Large and Claremont University accepted 10 days of SAT, TOEFL learning and writing instruments one day of application guidance.

in addition, there are one-day American shopping.”Dare to receive 85,nike air max pas cher,000 yuan is to find a spray.” Chen Song also a graduate of this school, and is currently an undergraduate at USC,barbour, studying leisure time also took over the consulting business. March 13 this year, he sees the US study tour itinerary brother from school at the time,veste barbour homme, especially anger.”According to the interpretation of the school, where 40 000 for subsequent application fee (for students applying to study in foreign universities intermediary to provide services and receive payment), the cost of the camp is 45,000. But even so, the prices are high people can not forgive . “July 14, Chen Song told Die Zeit reporter.

accompanied by students and teachers, and the purpose of this encounter accidents like Jiangshan school students: Study Tour.”We are first in the UC Davis (UC Davis) spent a week, then go to San Francisco, Los Angeles,tn nike pas cher, playing,barbour paris, and then flew to Washington, and then all the way north, Philadelphia,barbour soldes, New York,air max pas cher pour homme, and finally to Boston, during a visit to Yale,toms cheap sale, Princeton, Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “This “fancy” trip to remember the forest, “only in the UC Davis alumnus of the University of California has claimed the Americans talked about how to apply for American universities, a total of two”, the rest of the time is not in the pocket attractions, shopping outlets is On the way to rush these places.And before departure,barbour pas cher, Lin Cheng originally thought,air max femme, since went UC Davis, then there is no reason not to experience the American official university courses,louboutin prix, even if only to observe. However,christian louboutin, nothing.That week, the forest to be arranged homestay in Sacramento, the landlord is a black woman. Soon, she took the tour the students walk around the city center,air max pas cher homme, lived in communities and churches frequented. The rest of the day, I’m bored into the UC Davis campus only Xia Guang, or simply called on the students to go shopping.Two years later, Lin Chengshen Please University,nike air max 1, and successfully entered UCLA, and recall study tour experience, “was the pit” feeling more and more intense. “First of all, start applying Middle School, found no study tour experience the slightest use.”June of this year.