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can reduce the risk of corruption. The nature of G20 and APEC anti-corruption working group there are some differences. More concerned about the G20 cooperation on economic and financial policies, and more concerned about the APEC free trade and economic cooperation zones. Decisions made by the G20 will help,tn pas cher, like other regional organizations such as APEC cooperation to solve the problem of corruption, while the anti-corruption work in the United Nations Convention against Corruption.Wald: anti-corruption mechanisms in the G20 and APEC has a strong link. Two mechanisms can establish open and confidence in the investigation and prosecution of the Member States or the economy cooperation. Such as Australian police and Chinese police to effectively share information through this platform. Ensure that the information and documents can be shared across the country.

the situation is the implementation of asset recovery is usually very complex. Because corrupt officials of the proceeds of corruption may be mixed with legitimate income. And in some cases, corrupt officials will spend thought to hide their assets,magasin hollister, for example through money laundering, or several layers of shell companies “filter” will whiten money, or other technologies to make their assets become illegible, making the recovery and confiscation work becomes increasingly difficult.Placement � questioning “fox hunting” action to enhance international cooperation in anti-corruptionLegal Evening News: How do you think these two mechanisms will promote China’s overseas anti-corruption initiatives, such as the ongoing “fox hunting” action?Cher Wen: All efforts under the framework of APEC and the G20 will help China and other developing member countries to strengthen its anti-corruption policy, the implementation of enforcement action,nike tn 2014, and to strengthen international cooperation on anti-corruption. APEC anti-corruption law enforcement cooperation network to facilitate the exchange of information and informal cooperation between China and other APEC member countries.

has developed a number of guidelines for law enforcement and other overseas bribery. The G20 summit will sign anti-corruption agreement, expected to take action on a more transparent corporate beneficial ownership,red bottom heels, which is very favorable for the fight against tax evasion. This also allows corrupt officials through shell companies and secret hiding illegally acquired company will become more difficult.Wald: In my opinion, at this summit,peuterey outlet, the real breakthrough is to establish a treaty between the two countries and Australia, the two countries are expected to allow the extradition of criminals between the two countries. If China and Australia to establish a formal extradition treaty,barbour femme, it will greatly help the fight against corruption,red bottom shoes, corrupt officials between the two countries, as well as asset tracking corrupt Australia. Prior to that there are some complex matters need to be addressed, such as the difference between the two legal systems, but these issues will eventually be resolved.Mechanism � Contact G20, APEC can establish an information sharing platformLegal Evening News: Do you think there is a kind of law enforcement cooperation between the APEC anti-corruption and anti-corruption action network of the G20?Rochelle temperature: Actually, G20 has not established an anti-corruption networks such as APEC,toms outlet, the establishment of such cross-border anti-corruption network to combat overseas corruption on a country to give “strike Strike.” If government agencies can work together to simplify the process of sharing information and documents, will greatly reduce the cost of the survey. G20 Anti-Corruption Action Plan Working Group include the G20 countries to encourage the ratification and implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption, to ensure that G20 members to fulfill their obligations under anti-corruption. Of course,tn pas chere, G20 and APEC in this regard will be some overlap.G20 covers the major global economies. G20 leaders agreed to promote more transparency in the financial and economic activities.

to enhance the efficiency of the investigation and prosecution of offenders. � Cost chase greed corruption reduces costly international joint costsLegal Evening News: You mentioned the APEC and other such international cooperation network will greatly reduce the cost of overseas economies recover greedy. What are the specific costs of these economies?Rochelle temperature: recovery and extradition of corrupt assets overseas can be a costly process. In the investigation and prosecution stages of economic costs,nike tn requins, especially when the case involves different countries,air max femme, it must be included involving expense management, travel, communication, translation and lawyers, witnesses and other persons in different countries.In the case of seizure and confiscation of assets of corrupt officials, including the cost of the asset management. For example.

the maintenance of the corrupt officials confiscated from expensive antique cars, yachts or race fee is very high, otherwise mismanagement, it will face the risk of devaluation. Moreover,air max pas cher, corrupt officials will usually hire a lawyer to ask the court to initiate extradition fight back or asset recovery, which also adds to the cost.Legal Evening News: Many experts said the cost of overseas chasing too greedy,barbour france, so many countries prohibitive. How do you think?Cher Wen: Yes,nike tn, if the case involves a very complicated,hollister pas cher, pursuit of the cost will be very high. Before taking such action,nike tn pas cher, the relevant departments usually do “cost – benefit analysis,” After evaluating the probability of success of the case,air max pas cher pour homme, will take the appropriate implementation of the strategy to hunt, and the recovery of illicit assets carried by corrupt officials. Time and expense it takes to chase greed usually be rewarded.Legal Evening News: The idea that the pursuit of international,louboutin paris, usually a “people back, but to stay in the foreign assets.” What do you think causes it difficult to recover the money on it?Rochelle temperature: this is true.