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in accordance with the relevant provisions of the subordinate party organizations and their members to supervise leadership.In accordance with the regulations outlined in this “border”, patrol work content is divided into two parts: First, to understand and implement the important thought of the relevant routes, the situation policies, resolutions, decisions and work plans, and implement clean government responsibility honest and diligent system and circumstances of the case selection and appointment of leading cadres, the situation of reform, development and stability, etc; secondly, the case sent inspection teams to inspect the work of the party organization learned of the report, comments and suggestions.Inspection teams “can work to attend the inspection of local party organizations about the conference, access to relevant documents and information, held a forum to talk with the staff,hollister pas cher, to understand and study the important issues related to people’s letters cadres visit reflected,hollister roma est,” but “Do not deal with the specific problems of the local tour.””See,parajumpers homme,” “hear,” but does not directly deal with, it is, therefore, a central inspection teams function is vividly described as a “telescope” and “ears.”In July 2009, a copy of “inspections” as the main content of the regulations issued.And in 2004 promulgated the “Regulations” different.

this “Communist Chinese patrol Regulations (Trial)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) started four key coordinate institutional settings, procedures, personnel management,hollister soldes, discipline and responsibility,christian louboutin sale, etc. from Further inspections precise outline of “border” and “core.””All along, the provincial units to identify and punish the ‘number one’ Corruption is a major work of the central inspection teams.” This is the executive vice president of the China Reform, Wang Yukai feelings,hollister femme, “For the ‘number one’ place on the lower level and contact with local people is difficult to find and report the problem, until the problem is exposed, they often have to out of hand. With the inspection teams after a thorough investigation, some of the problems can be found in advance. “Provinces,giuseppe zanotti, autonomous regions and municipalities party committee, the government at the same level, the Standing Committee,magasin hollister, the CPPCC committees party leadership and its members, especially leading cadres at provincial and ministerial level,moncler, is the main central inspection teams observed object. Indeed,doudoune pjs, over the past 10 years, Cheng Weigao,barbour soldes, Chen Liangyu and several other senior officials of corruption crime are inextricably linked with the central inspection teams appear.”Because patrol mainly targeted the provincial and ministerial leaders,giuseppe zanotti, work difficulty inspection teams certainly bigger, more complex problems will face.” Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Professor Ren Jianming said.Wang Yukai that most of this is the central reason for the high level of inspection teams have chosen cadre of experienced staff: there is sufficient experience.

establish and improve the inspection system.”August 2003, “the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection,hogan, the Central Organization Department,” patrol group was established. At that time the number of inspection teams for five.The move marks the inspections by “nurture” officially entered the “operation” stage. If this is the limit of this year coincides with the inspection teams of the tenth year running.10 years, the composition and title changes have occurred in inspection teams. For example,parajumpers homme, in 2007,moncler outlet, the number increased to 11 inspection teams, compared with 12 at present; in December 2009, “the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Central Organization Department of the inspection teams” was renamed “the central inspection teams”; June 2010, the scope of the inspection system extended to the military.In the meantime, a series of party regulations also clear from the system level status patrol work. 2004, “the Chinese Communist Party Supervision Regulations (Trial)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) published the full text. “Monitoring system” listed in the third section,christian louboutin discount, including visits with key briefings and reports, Honest and Clean, petition processing, public opinion and other 10 areas.”Regulations” for the inspection system to make the definition: the central and provincial,parajumpers paris, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the party committee established inspection system.