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” the 40-year-old fishermen’s a surprise,tn pas chere, said “We have not held hostage.” “Coast Guard” official Pan into the house, said PROJECTILES mood swings,christian louboutin men, but the fishermen did not have physical acts of resistance. It is reported that PROJECTILES Gordon, who obstruct inspection, according to obstruction of official investigation has sin. “United Evening News” also said, according to the “people on both sides Relations Ordinance,” vessels over 100 tons out of bounds, may impose a fine of NT $ 250,000 yuan, while the mainland fishing tonnage of 260 tons, the maximum penalty to five times.For this incident, the island reaction restraint. Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, said on the 15th evening,louboutin soldes, the matter has been through a “cross-strait common fight against crime and mutual legal assistance agreement” notification mechanism.

timely notification to the mainland. “United Daily News” said that the current cross-border continent seized Taiwan fishing boat was stopped based on “people on both sides Relations Ordinance,” the process they are first broadcast mainland fishing requires stopping the subjects. In general, Taiwan 35 tons patrol boats equipped with at least six people, 100 tons at least eight people, equipped with pistols, rifles, Uzi submachine guns and other weapons,moncler, enough firepower, but in order to avoid provoking the sensitive cross-strait relations, the players almost afraid to fire . “Central News Agency”.

then ordered eight crew closed the doors and windows, and the five members of the Coast Guard said he was reluctant to accept checks even claimed that the failure of the vessel can not be stopping,cheap louboutins shoes, continued to travel north east.Patrol boat commander immediately asked the other members of the patrol boats trailing mainland fishing ship, and the ship by radio command five players must be on board nine people back to Taiwan. At 19:30 on the 15th, Coast Guard SWAT team rush to the rescue emergency departure from Keelung, seeking Starship, the new North-ship and naval vessels also arrived Pengjia Islet at 40 sea miles northeast of the mainland fishing boats surrounded. 7 Coast Guard team boarded with a gas gun and flashlight mainland fishing boat, plus the original five members of the board to a number of advantages over 9 of 12, including the captain PROJECTILES suppressed, including nine mainland fishermen.”United Evening News,boutique louboutin paris,” said the 16th 6:00 am,woolrich parka, Coast Guard escorted the boat back to the mainland fishermen Keelung. Most fishermen silent in the face of media interviews,giubbotti woolrich, but the media asked, “Why are our people hostage.

it was replaced by money Kaya Palace, officially became the presidential palace. The former prime minister’s official residence has become Ahmed up Wu De Aolu home.Reported that the president’s residence, this is known as “White Palace,barbour pas cher,” the area of ��3.1 million square feet, with 1,hollister pas cher,000 rooms, fitted top internal security system, equipped with luxurious marble bathrooms and even use silk as wallpaper. Its size far exceeds the United States White House, the equivalent of the French King Louis XIV’s palace of Versailles luxury four times.

said they feared events derived strait, Taiwan fishing boat, “the majority of Xing 28” number was the Philippines official ship shooting incident deepened this concern.In recent years, cross-strait fishery disputes. October 2003,nike tn pas cher magasin, the mainland to Taiwan Matsu Coast Guard boats opened fire, killing two fishermen shot in the thigh. “United Evening News,hollister france,” said the 2006 Taiwan Coast Guard boat in the vicinity of the Golden Gate interception board fishing vessels seized mainland,giuseppe zanotti, a mainland fishermen captain was held hostage with a knife, the Taiwan side to shock bombs, shotguns and tear gas shells to subdue. Ni Yongjie on the 16th in the “Global Times” interview,red bottom shoes for women, said fishermen often Zhejiang and Fujian and Taiwan fishing boats in the same fishery, producing some small frictions and disputes are normal,orecchini tiffany, originally settled by the two sides to coordinate the Red Cross, Later, through the mechanism of the two sessions, but did not resolve the underlying dispute fishery. He suggested that the two sides should sign fisheries agreement as soon as possible: First, establish a dispute settlement mechanism, the second is based on the mainland and Taiwanese prefer their fish on the fishing plan and division of labor, not the parties, what happened to trouble them,air max pas cher pour homme, hurt feelings . As Taiwan’s Coast Guard is handling the incident properly,barbour femme, that it is of course take care of the interests of Taiwan fishermen, so the treatment is relatively simple, “I think every turn buckle, still not very good.”(Original title: China fishing boat was blasting “hostage” Taiwan Coast Guard members were several shipsTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara,tiffany, the capital built up a luxury residence called the world scale, the estimated total investment of $ 615 million. Anger sparked local opposition and the people.Erdogan has served for 12 years as prime minister of Turkey, is Turkey’s first direct popular presidential elections. The palace was originally used as a premier residential, until Erdogan was elected president in August.