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the patient in the operating room was stabbed husband (newspaper reported yesterday). Xin’an Evening News, Hefei, Anhui network reporters yesterday from the Public Security Bureau was informed that the assailant gave himself has now been XingJu.”There is still more serious injury injured.” Yesterday, Chaohu Kohei person in charge of the maternity hospital,tn pas chere, the injured 25-year-old anesthesiologist year. After the incident,boutique louboutin, which they promptly transferred to a safe medical treatment Affiliated Hospital of Chaohu,air max femme, at present after surgery,nike air max pas cher, has been out of danger.According to reports, Dr. Gao will become a father more than a month.

but also specifically asked this car Wu Suochang legitimate users.Reporters came to the Bureau of Justice Yuhuatai proposed wanted to interview when former justice Wusuo Zhang Yuhua Village, Tianzhu Ren Wu Suochang has been raised to a street called inconvenient links. That car scrap police motorcycle,tn requin pas cher, whether it is stolen or borrowed Jo currently Nanjing Bureau of Justice as well as the public security departments have been involved in the investigation.(Original title: drunk driving hit Moroccan police man opened the taxi scrapped afterwards people want to smoke a mysterious man “recognize sub responsWASHINGTON November 3, in Chaohu Campion maternity hospital, a male anesthesiologist to patients after surgery.

more than a 120 ambulance roared flashing lights went three hospitals in Hangzhou. Subsequently, the car stretchers down a middle-aged man, was taken to a hospital emergency room.

hoping to identify a sub-master duties,air max femme pas cher, which was a master of denial,basket nike tn pas cher, the two sides broke up. Subsequently, this man surnamed Ho Jo went upstairs to see.Who coordinator 5 is suddenly? Insiders: He is the younger brother of Justice DirectorThe justice who claimed to be Hemou in the end? Yangzi Evening News reporter contacted an insider,louboutin paris, seen photographs and telephone numbers provided by reporters later,nike tn 2014, the source said, surnamed Wu Mou fact, he is the former justice Wusuo Zhang Yuhua Village’s younger brother.At this point, how to get the car Jo police motorcycle seems almost certain.

taking into account the circumstances of his wife, Kohei Maternity Hospital No message telling Dr. Gao family.Yesterday afternoon, the city Public Security Bureau informed the merits of the case. According to reports,louboutins, the afternoon of November 3,louboutin prix, Hanshan Lin Town residents Daimou Campion in Chaohu City Maternity Hospital for surgery,christian louboutin, accompanying her husband Sohn. After surgery,barbour, Sohn found in the operating room has a male doctor,toms shoes outlet, into the operating room immediately questioned the male doctors: how the operating room as well as obstetrics and gynecology male doctors? Dispute process, Sohn first approached to play the male doctor a slap,air max femme pas cher, and then used to carry knives in the lower back of the doctor stabbed,chaussure tn pas cher, fled the scene.After receiving the alarm, Chaohu City Public Security Bureau police rushed to the scene, investigation, surveillance, inspection, while doing ideological work Sohn father and wife, to clarify the stakes,red bottom flats, let them persuade Sohn surrender. Night of the incident around 18:30, Sohn,louboutin femme, accompanied by his father, the initiative to Chaohu City Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade gave himself up and confessed to the doctor with a knife stabbed.The reporter Jinxue YongEdKeep Cool – For 28 yuan parking fees “Ao Dige” kicked in the stomach toll � correspondent British newspaper reporter Zhong Qian Yi text / photo13:00 yesterday.