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pull up the handbrake … before the fall, he saved the whole car safety.Ate half a bowl at night, feeling dizzy on the carJia Jidong, 46 years old, teens began to open the bus, is a driver Ryan coach station. A month ago, he became Ryan to Hangzhou and from the bus driver.At 16:05 on the 15th, Jia Jidong Dai Qisen driving the bus with my colleagues to return Ryan.6:15 in the evening, after dinner service area in Dongyang, after a short break, wearing a white shirt took the driving position, replacing Dai Qisen drive.About five minutes later, the car started slowly on the road. Some of the passengers in the car playing with a cell phone, some relying eyes narrowed.”When he ate dinner, said poor appetite, eat a half-bowl too, before the car is also whispered to say how head reeling, people uncomfortable.” Drivers take classes Daiqi Sen later recalled, at first, he also co-pilot ,moncler outlet online, watching open very smooth, 18:29, he lay beside the cab into the lounge. At this point, Jia Jidong hands holding the steering wheel, but also from time to time to observe both sides mirrors,hollister soldes, everything seemed very normal.Suddenly felt unwell while driving, pull over to change drivers insist”Its Mori, whose Mori …” 18:33, Gu Jidong Dai Qisen suddenly Lianjiao a few times.”Ah? How to say it?” Dai Qisen immediately sat up.”Aching head, you change with me.” said. Subsequently,abercrombie pas cher, Dai Qisen wear shoes.18:34, the bus slowly pull over Daiqi Sen readily warning lights.Passenger car is also curious, why just stop on the road soon,chaussures louboutin pas cher, and several passengers also stand to see a bit. But a minute later,air max pas cher pour femme, the driver’s seat Daiqi Sen put the car drive onto the road again, the passengers will have peace of mind and sat down.Reporters saw the video from remote monitoring, was sitting in the passenger seat of open the phone, it seems that in rummaging contacts,braccialetto tiffany, but looking for a while but did not find anything. After a while, he found a flashlight in front of the driver’s seat what rummaging.

but did not find. “At the time he wanted to get something to hold on.” Daiqi Sen said.”People can not stand.” Three minutes later, Gu Jidong suddenly shook his head, then climbed into the driver’s lounge. Soon, because lying does not relieve the pain, he sat back in the passenger seat.18:48, he drank water, and immediately began to cough violently. At this point, Jia Jidong pale, began swaying uncontrollably, cold sweat on his forehead continually emerge.

he was slow to pull over,woolrich arctic parka, pull up the handbrake …46 years before the fall to save a good driver of a car passenger � correspondent Huang Jie Huang JunjunOur reporter Wang ChenhuiIf nothing else,abercrombie soldes france, for the continuous work day Ryan mayor Transportation Company bus driver Jia Jidong, it should be a rest day yesterday, he was finally able to think about how the new house balcony get out.Can not think of anyone,hollister italia, September 15 in the afternoon,hollister france officiel, in Hangzhou, Ryan’s return to the road, he was usually able-bodied, but because of an attack and fell on the job.Reporters through surveillance video, to see the scene of what happened when, at 18:20 on the 15th or so, Gu Jidong Dongyang service area from the high-speed driving on Zhuyong out, heading toward Ryan, probably opened more than 10 minutes, then feel unwell,tiffany firenze, wake up the rest of the ride was Daiqi Sen class driver while the vehicle to pull over.