tn soldes the 46yearold unmarried father blind spread his hands

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children suffering from life to worry about giant tumor”I bought a ticket, wanted to go home this year over a year, which know had the disease.” Old Dai said that last November, his liver pain and who have mass, then went to the hospital for examination. Yesterday,tn soldes, accompanied by her daughter, taken to the hospital pathology report issued after suspected liver cancer, old worn anxious straight stamping. Because according to doctor’s advice, whether it is malignant or benign, require hospitalization for treatment, even surgery if necessary. “From the hospital to discharge estimated to have cost more than 80.

more than 40 million.”Man talk about integrity, to conscience,nike tn requins, even borrowed a penny should have.” This year 82-year-old said,nike tn officiel, speaking in a thick Taiwanese dialect, there are more than 20 million of debt,chaussure louboutin homme, he will continue to have on.Three sons gone,veste barbour homme, leaving me to have debtsWu Naiyi elderly home in a remote fishing village – Cangnan Xia Town three O Village. He had four sons, all out-of fishermen,peuterey, ordinary day but harmony.In 2006,peuterey uomo, shrimp fishing particularly profitable, Wu’s four sons took out all the savings, but also by the more than 60 million,tom ford shoes, enough to raise more than 100 million yuan to buy a steel fishing vessels, has become the first Xia Town Fishermen steel fishing boats and advanced tools.Unexpectedly, in that year,basket nike tn pas cher, “Saomai” Typhoon in Kasumigaseki harbor landed. Fishing boat turned,nike tn 2014, in addition to two full-son Sophie,louboutin paris, three sons and nothing can come ashore. Second son because soak too long in seawater, temporarily lost the ability to work.Great sorrow was knocked out 77-year-old Wu Naiyi elderly. He became even more worried about is that the family lost most economic source, how over the coming days? More than 60 million loan and credit also how?Shortly after the storm,hollister, many creditors door to beg for debt. But when they saw the plight of the elderly when Wunai Yi, feel nothing. They feel that this debt is either back.At this time,louboutin femme, Wu Naiyi old made unexpected decision. Every one of his creditors promised: “I will find a way to repay the debt.”Old people did not read many books, but he said, Qianzhaihaiqian, perfectly justified: “! Son is dead, I can not lose his son’s face.”More than four years, a person has never had to purchase new clothesAfter three sons died, Cangnan County government to the families of the victims of Typhoon distributed a grant. There are two daughter took most of which grants to young granddaughter left after elderly dependents,louboutin paris, back to her family.24 million elderly people get insurance payments. Plus.

after the sale of salvage vessels, a total of nearly 40 million. The money did not leave the old man a minute, all brought to the local rural cooperative banks to repay loans and private loans and interest.”The elderly,chaussure tn pas cher, you son of their lives gave us the money, how the day after you had it?” Ask creditors to get the money, the elderly optimism that I have hands to feed the whole family.Saddled with more than 20 million of various types of fishing gear on credit money,nike tn soldes, saving money, debt has become the sole purpose of Wu Naiyi elderly more than four years of life. In recent years, he has been living a life of unimaginable impoverished.

know how to coordinate their early learning and care for the whole family. Every morning at 6 o’clock, Xiaobin Ling got up, opened the gas stove for breakfast. Her young age, but also specifically to do with his father-for egg noodles, rice and other different flavors of breakfast. RBI and other good things at home after Ling Xiaobin this go to class. Father family 500 yuan per month for living expenses safely handed over this nine-year-old girl, and she put a laptop as a pocket book, 500 yuan was to feed two people, the day of reckoning was.Afternoon after school, Chuaizhuo day household spending, too late to put down the bag, she was a person to jolly. “Great people say, this time to buy food cheaper than in the morning, and I just have time.” Ling Xiaobin sensible to say. Reporters noted that this shabby rented room, in addition to a bed, a desk, but then nothing valuable possessions.Unfortunately.

000 yuan, the operation can not succeed still a question mark.” Because they can not afford the threshold of 5,000 yuan admission fee, the old worn back rent painkillers to deal with every day. Faced with reporters, the 46-year-old unmarried father blind spread his hands,air max pas cher homme, his face unbearable. Old Dai said he was sick Well, you can not know the future of her daughter how to do,hollister magasin, could not find her biological family. New Year approached, if you give the family brings warmth and hope, we might call the newspaper News Hotline 96333, together we help them.(Original title: Dad, I’m yShamo newspaper correspondent Yu Xun Xue Ying Yu Miao Yun told reporters in Wenzhou LinaSuper typhoon “Saomai” took Cangnan elderly Wunai Yi’s three sons, and give this broken family left more than 60 million in debt.Wu Naiyi the ordinary old man, did a very unusual thing – his three sons live frugally for the untimely death of the borrower to pay off loans and credit unions tackle shop.