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about a half kilogram.” Zhao said he would put the car gas tank is to commit suicide, and later drove up from the basement, due to the effects of alcohol, already in the fuzzy state of consciousness.Then, Zhao began choking. She then played in a garage about drinking, listening to music, cry, and finally unscrew process gas tank valve.”I thought of suicide when my son, I was dead how can he do?” Zhao said that he also thought of the old father, “I have to take care of my dad.” Zhao court most of the time in the break out crying.As for other details, Zhao said that he can not remember it, “drank too much wine, there is a big car smell gas, then just feel headaches, stomach pains, back pain also.”Defenders: She had wanted to commit suicide just drunkCourt, counsel that Zhao, Zhao committed the crime of dangerous driving or disturb the crime, drink driving and moving the gas tank on the car, she was suicidal, and intends to avoid crowded areas, and therefore dangerous NA the crime of endangering public safety, “Zhao finally was drunk, the car crashed into a telephone pole slipped out.”Prosecutors argued that as an adult, put the car gas tank.

Zhao moved the gas tank own red Mercedes car, then drove the car to the garage area. After stopping, Zhao shake the windows, unscrew the gas tank valve. But less than five minutes, Zhao suddenly shut the valve.”I’m not sorry son, son, how do I go?” Zhao said afterwards that he was the son and the father remembered the moment, so subconsciously a check valve on the gas tank.After that, not so cheap that Zhao Yuan Mou, Mou decided to call to ask things. But because she has been pulled into the phone YuanMou blacklist, phone has no answer. Zhao then dial 110 call, police found YuanMou request, also threatened that if can not find or do not find, to detonate a gas tank.At this point, Zhao has faint, she drove out of the cell, when reaching the Wangjing, Chaoyang Cuigezhuang detect roadside farm west of the bus station, parking Zhao call 110 again, and told the police to find YuanMou the location of the police themselves.Police quickly arrived on the scene, this time Zhao also screwed open the gas tank on the passenger seat valve. Five minutes later, see YuanMou not yet seen, Zhao then driving crashed into a roadside poles, fainted on the spot. Zhao was then controlled by the police.Courtroom Said he thought harm others cry9:30, petite Zhao was brought into the court bailiff.See gallery many reporters, Zhao froze for a moment, then eyes red.”I really did not mean to, I deliberately drove the car to a secluded place, just want to avoid people.” For the alleged facts of the police, Zhao has no objection. But the trial she has been stressed that he thought of endangering public safety.”I was off to drink a bottle of fruity vodka.

crime, Zhao Chaoyang Court for trial.The court did not get married and have children for nine years book suicidal thoughtsThis year 31-year-old Zhao, small poor family. After the death of his mother in childbirth, leaving only 45 years old Zhao and more child’s father had each other. Zhao said that his childhood is very unfortunate.Zhao did not finish primary school drop out farming, big little later, his father would let her go out to work. After changing jobs several times removed, Zhao came to Beijing from his hometown in Henan.21 years old, Zhao know her to her teenage YuanMou middle-aged man, will soon be attracted to each other, six months after the two began living together. After that, Zhao Yuan Mousheng next to a son.During cohabitation, Zhao had asked YuanMou getting married, but she YuanMou always quibble or prevarication. A few years later, by chance, Zhao Yuan Mou learned at home already married. Since then, Zhao Yuan Mou began urging divorce, but the other is still a variety of reasons quibble.October 2013, Zhao Yuan Mou again to mention divorce, the wife does not agree perfunctory YuanMou places. Zhao feeling hopeless life, resulting in suicidal thoughts, they bought a small filling gas.Mercedes-Benz car with gas canisters hit 110 twice to see ValentineOctober 10 morning.

At present, Zhou has been under criminal detention,tn, the case is under further investigation.”Women find someone trailing, witty response.” Police investigators remind remind the general public, when a female friend backpack trip, best to take the left shoulder and right Kua Kua left or right shoulder bag, etc., try not to shoulder bag. In addition, women take the fork in the road more carefully alley, if you find someone trailing or peep, you can go back to stare at each other or intentionally loud singing, or a sudden change in the original route towards someone, where there is light trot, once subjected to robbery, snatch To shouted for help, and catch the perpetrators.However, if the power of the poor, victims should first try to protect their own safety, to discern the direction of the perpetrators fled, note the physical characteristics of the perpetrators as soon as possible to the place where many people for help, and the first time call 110.Reporter Xu JiBirthright carrier gas tank for suicideLegal Evening News (Reporter Goal Orientation) Zhao Fall in love with a married man and give birth to a son, because nine years later still no birthright, she drove a car containing gas canisters Mercedes crashed into a roadside utility poles want to commit suicide, but fortunately caused no casualties.This morning, on suspicion of endangering public safety.

you should know what kind of consequences, and Zhao deliberately avoided the plot against himself.Finally, the prosecutor said, “I sympathize with your experience, but to remind you to cherish their own lives, and cherish the lives of others. If someone had the bus stop, your behavior is very dangerous.”Finally, the prosecutor suggested that Zhao sentenced to 3-5 years in prison.


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