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able to live more peacefully.” Zhangqian Qian said.Has prepared: “For me,, the preparation of such tasteless.”In is “prepared” to gamble when a Civil Engineering Department of Anhui Province, Liu Lei university teachers are currently preparing a tangle. Have to work for him for seven years,,tn123, the existing teacher preparation like “tasteless gesture,” the tasteless.School work idle,louboutin femme pas cher, but the income is relatively low. Two years ago by a friend,ciondoli tiffany, Liu Lei in the city Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee under the Quality Inspection Center to find a part-time. Said to be part-time, because the business the ability to highlight, Liu Lei in quality inspection center receive more than the monthly salary of full-time at the school.Holding two wages.

household income improved, but Liu Lei was not happy. “The school has a professional title work pressure, work quality inspection center is sloppy, nothing gap could lead to a lot of people’s money safety compromised.” Busy, Liu Lei described himself as “tired with the same cow.”Liu Lei thought resigned from teaching,hollister outlet, leadership quality inspection center also intends to “keep people”,hogan rebel, but the negotiations were deadlocked because of staffing issues down,hollister site officiel, quality inspection center out of the conditions are: “wages and regular employees,sweat hollister pas cher, but does not solve the preparation . “”Within the system” has been working for seven years Liu Lei is very clear,, “have made” and “No Code” means. This difference in the Chinese Lunar New Year, when the most obvious: within permanent staff will enjoy a variety of high-grade edible oil, coupons,hollister abercrombie, cards and other benefits, but only silently watching supernumerary people and pretend to care.Liu Lei most unbearable is not clear surface of these gaps.

but “between the same unit,zanotti pas cher, ‘compiled within’ and ‘supernumerary’ people seem to always across an invisible line. And no matter how much you work well,, you seem to never be able to enter the inner circle of this unit,hogan scarpe, you can work, but most do not upgrade your copies. “Liu Lei says with exasperation.”Although low-income schools, but after all the preparation. Let me at once from the ‘have programmed’ to ‘not prepared’,nike tn pas cher magasin, always feel my heart is not practical, it can not be reconciled.” After careful consideration, Liu Lei is still a daily run around in the classroom and building between sites, “two busy,giubbotto woolrich, two are like ‘marginalized’ as well.”Prepared to give up: “Parents and relatives and friends,, shaking his head,, I would like to see more out of the sky.”Compared with Liu Lei,,christian louboutin femme, who like to prepare an easy tangled now. One day in early November, the reporter saw ,doudoune moncler femme, dressed in her pink coat in cold weather seemed vibrant.31-year-old once home city in Hebei Province logistics staff of a primary school,abercrombie and fitch paris, post called “coordinated school administrative affairs, good logistics,” her work is actually assigned to the staff responsible for the monthly meal card recharge, usually playing table, remember bookkeeping.Although the content of the work monotonous,zanotti, but there is one of the biggest benefits of a formal establishment, with mother’s words are:. “Hanlaobaoshou is also a daily newspaper to receive government work.”Initially,louboutin pas cher, Jin Xiaoning enjoy this life,, spare time online shopping, reading novels exhilaration. Jin Xiaoning long time began to feel bored. “After work colleagues and friends about the play mahjong, Landlords,scarpe hogan, nobody saw what book to discuss the new film, former classmates and mortar Shanghai Bund.