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Can corporate insolvency turn advantageous in the long run? But, before we start to evaluate the various factors related to it, we need to understand what insolvency is. When a company fails to repay its debts or where the assets are unable to meet its liabilities, it can be termed as insolvency. The factors contributing to insolvency can be numerous. The most recent times have witnessed the collapse of the economy that has made a huge impact on every industry. While a large portion of the efficiently run companies had to pull down the cost of its products and services, the incompetent ones were forced to make their exit from the scene. Other factors for insolvency can be the increase in interest rates, the general policies affecting the industry, etc. The management must be efficient and capable of visualizing things on a longer perception to turn the events profitable. When the debt problem becomes acute, the management may sell out a portion of its assets to meet its obligations.

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Blackmail, Extortion, bad faith threats of criminal prosecution, and oppressive Abuse of Process are classic examples of duress.

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The legal costs involved in issuing a winding up petition are so serious, the Courts take an equally dim view of this process being abused.

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