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safety civilized travel,” one of the activities.”Grandpa,toms outlet, can not cross the road when the red light, oh.” 9:30, crossing the red line of people just light up,peuterey, ready to take advantage of a public no car ran across the road, just ran two steps, it was King Chang ” big voice “stopped. See the children in dissuade people quickly and saying “Ok”, while consciously retreated after the zebra crossing.Yuhua District traffic police deputy brigade commander Qiu Bo said that this event is one of the activities Yuhua police with the National Transportation Safety Day December 2 this year,hollister italia, the theme of traffic safety day is “obey traffic signals, safety civilized travel “The event also hope the children through field experience, to develop good habits,christian louboutin soldes, improve traffic safety awareness. Reporter Ren[World Wide Web Roundup] According to the US Chinese network September 11 reported that the US town of Pontiac, Michigan recently demolished a bizarre incident occurred. The original owner of the house demolished “Change Address” to own their building and their own next door secretly exchange, eventually led to his neighbor’s house was demolished.His neighbor Mike told reporters that he had intended before October 1 rent out the house,nike tn, and now he wants to know whether the Pontiac City Council also his new house.But many of his neighbors on the demolition of the house said he was happy to be wrong. They said the windows of the house is too shabby eyesore.

the French reporter Annick families make written book? “Prey: Gaddafi harem insider” recently published in Paris,toms outlet, the book wantonly disclose his teenage rape,hollister, sexual abuse and beating their insider.Reports,basket louboutin femme, this new book exposing the dictatorship of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s 42-year man lust, even teenage female students live, they considered sex slaves Gaddafi, rape abuse as “routine” .According to the book, a female student Soraya quoted as saying Gaddafi frequently visited their school, to recruit young girls as sex slaves. Soraya says he was kidnapped in 2004 Gaddafi, she was 15 years old. At that time she was placed flowers on the feast of Gaddafi, Gaddafi after receiving a gift, hand touched her head. Soraya afterwards understand that this is the “I want her” means.Soraya said he was brutally raped and beaten by Gaddafi’s more perverted, he actually urinate on them.Book also exposed the sexual abuse had been Gaddafi’s female students and remains alive in torment. Soraya was five years of sexual abuse. Because she was unmarried Distortion, is not families often fear his brother would kill her, for family revenge.Changsha News newspaper “red light stop, green line today learned, I went back to teach other kids.” At 9:30 on November 28, Yuhua Ting intersection,nike tn officiel, Yuhua District School Board first kindergarteners 5 Wang Chang-year-old and four other children, accompanied by police, teachers and parents to experience the work of a handful of traffic to persuade members. It is understood that this is the Yuhua police brigade with the December 2 National Traffic Safety Day “to obey traffic signals.

they said strangers living there without permission.”When I heard that they do not care to give the house torn down, I want to send them a dozen beers,air max pas cher pour homme,” neighbor Fred � Sargent said,felpe hollister, “I’m so happy.””People want to rent out the house, his mind certainly is sick,” Sargent added.Local police are investigating on this amusing incident. This name cunning proud homeowners failed to long. Demolition team returned to town last Thursday, to really want to tear down the house demolition.(Original title: US man hide a steal for house demolition caused neighbors house demCurrently, the man stable condition, fire extinguisher cause of the explosion is still under investigationExpired fire extinguishers in your home yet? Bottle is rusty or deformed?Quickly to see if it is on the earlier, to a repair unit to deal withHenan Chinese Commercial News reporter Lu YanyanSee the factory becomes appliances with, holding a fire extinguisher to put out the fire chor, the results extinguisher explosion, the bombing of his heart broken.Yesterday,louboutins, the Daily has just reported that “the market in a tank exploded eight years ago, someone carrying a fire extinguisher to help” one thing. Families with fire extinguishers, use caution.UnfortunatelyFire fighting, fire extinguisher explodedYesterday,nike air max pas cher, at the Seventh People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City,tn, two cardiac surgery ward, chor lying in bed,nike tn 2014, looked a little pale.In a new paper mill chor dense work, at 10:00 on November 10,air max bw pas cher, a variable electrical fire broke out in the factory, he quickly picked up the fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire.Just listen to “bang”,louboutin paris, fire extinguisher exploded, chor spot bombing halo. Workers rushed him to the local hospital for treatment. Then, he was sent to the Seventh People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City, the heart surgery.”He’s right atrium bombing broke.” Two ward physician Zhang Xiangli analysis that chor chest due to explosive shock caused cardiac rupture.Surgery,barbour pas cher, doctors also found that Mr Chu sternal fracture.