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The professor, in annoyance, and, as it were,’ he turned to the lady, mental suffering at the interruption, looked round at the strange inquirer, more like a hauler of a barge than a philosopher, and turned his eyes upon Sergei Ivanovich, as though to ask: What’s one to say to him? But Sergei Ivanovich, who had been talking with far less stress and one-sidedness than the professor,trx exercises, and who had sufficient breadth of mind to answer the professor, and at the same time to comprehend the simple and natural point of view from which the question was put, smiled and said:

`The point is, don’t you see, that progress of every sort is only made by the use of authority,’ he said, evidently wishing to show he was not without culture. `Take the reforms of Peter, of Catherine, of Alexander. Take European history. And progress in agriculture more than anything else – the potato, for instance, that was introduced among us by force. The wooden plow, too, wasn’t always used. It was introduced in the days of appanaged princes, perhaps, but it was probably brought in by force. Now, in our own day, we landowners in the serf times used various improvements in our husbandry: drying machines and threshing machines, and carting manure, and all the modern implements – all these we brought into use by our authority, and the peasants opposed it at first, and ended by imitating us. Now, by the abolition of serfdom, we have been deprived of our authority; and so our husbandry, where it had been raised to a high level, is bound to sink to the most savage, primitive condition. That’s how I see it.’

Ath. Very good; however, I am not going to say anything against yourlaws until to the best of my ability I have examined them, but I amgoing to raise doubts about them. For you are the only people known tous, whether Greek or barbarian, whom the legislator commanded toeschew all great pleasures and amusements and never to touch them;whereas in the matter of pains or fears which we have just beendiscussing, he thought that they who from infancy had always avoidedpains and fears and sorrows, when they were compelled to face themwould run away from those who were hardened in them, and wouldbecome their subjects. Now the legislator ought to have consideredthat this was equally true of pleasure; he should have said tohimself, that if our citizens are from their youth upward unacquaintedwith the greatest pleasures, and unused to endure amid the temptationsof pleasure, and are not disciplined to refrain from all thingsevil, the sweet feeling of pleasure will overcome them just as fearwould overcome the former class; and in another, and even a worsemanner, they will be the slaves of those who are able to endure amidpleasures, and have had the opportunity of enjoying them, they beingoften the worst of mankind. One half of their souls will be a slave,the other half free; and they will not be worthy to be called in thetrue sense men and freemen. Tell me whether you assent to my words?

He did not sleep the whole night, and his fury growing in a sort of vast, arithmetical progression, reached its highest limits in the morning. He dressed in haste, and, as though carrying his cup full of wrath, and fearing to spill any over, fearing to lose with his wrath the energy necessary for the interview with his wife, he went into her room directly he heard she was up.

`Yes, yes, how was it now?’ he thought, going over his dream. `Yes,piumini moncler, how was it? Yes! Alabin was giving a dinner at Darmstadt; no,outlet moncler, not Darmstadt, but something American. Yes, but then, Darmstadt was in America. Yes, Alabin was giving a dinner on glass tables, and the tables sang, Il mio tesoro – no, not Il mio tesoro, but something better,spaccio moncler, and there were some sort of little decanters on the table, and, at the same time, these decanters were women,’ he recalled.

And he talked about a certain man, who fell among thieves. You remember that a Levite and a priest passed by on the other side. They didn’t stop to help him. And finally a man of another race came by. He got down from his beast, decided not to be compassionate by proxy. But with him, administering first aid, and helped the man in need. Jesus ended up saying, this was the good man, this was the great man, because he had the capacity to project the “I” into the “thou,” and to be concerned about his brother.poloB1Foutlet0901ralphlauren,相关的主题文章:
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