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Ding-dong! When the Reds left kyanite in almost all off, the gold hoop stick finally go up a level, achieve a level! Other property is now the gold hoop stick is:Level 1,Persistent ∞,* attack, 13700,Attack speed, fast,* additional fire damage,*30% crit,Repel.* can summon fire monkey (fire monkey class = game player rating,uk soccer shoes, fire monkey number = best bar level cube, the cooling time is half an hour)20% explosive attacks, damage: 12500. Range: 10 meters.Not only various capacity has increased significantly, but also more of a “20% burst attack” attribute, probably this attribute is the attribute of Kyanite kyanite, after all, can be used to make a bomb.Red even unable to hold oneself back again summoned fire monkey, call and all of a sudden, at his side appeared more than 10 a person, the body braved the flames of the fire monkey. Grade: grade 99. Ignore the fire damage. Skills: fire bomb, explode.Oh, actually will explode, it is a terrorist, do not know is changing fire monkey itself attributes or kyanite caused.Roar! The gold hoop stick level can summon ten fire monkey,adidas f50 adizero, two can summon 80 fire monkey, three level 270…… Ten can summon ten thousand, was an invincible army!; ahref=gt;Four, the gods.Red smile the mouth closes not approach, hurriedly take kyanite continue smelting of gold hoop stick, to make it up to level ten!55555. , and spent a lot of time, a lot of Kyanite mining,new soccer cleats, to upgrade the gold hoop stick, but its level is motionless, it rises to a level, kyanite has on the gold hoop stick no role.Oh, the things again, now the gold hoop stick, already let the red very satisfied!After the study of the gold hoop stick, red and began to study the countless conquests. Nothingness bracelet to pick up something is convenient, plus just red too excited, the direct use of nothingness Bracelet all pickup. Regardless of the outcome of useful also useless, all are collected together.Hey, what is this stuff? A dark, like a token iron card attracted red eyes. Unidentified,adidas predator, incredibly is unidentified items. The Reds experience the need for the identification of goods must be of good articles! We are not afraid of our identification, piercing eye, even the appraisal cost savings. Although some unfamiliar, but anyway, if not treated, also for goods nondestructive, big not identified several times.Red quickly launched a “strange piercing eye”, iron plate light flash, no apparent break success.Halo! I can’t believe you as not broken! Even with seven or eight “strange piercing eye” left in the past, finally seen breaking success! Black mild steel plate &quot

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