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La Liga record four

(The League had only 8 round, after losing the game, almost marks the Barcelona has pulled out of the La Liga title race, WINS for Barca, only theoretical possibility exists)

In any case, I don’t like to talk about the painful big reversal, its eye-popping as any reversal reds Liverpool in the Champions League final in Milan that year the regiment still belongs to the first half of Barca’s show time, ball rate once reached 78%, almost complete control over the situation, Harvey and commanding midfielder Andres Iniesta occupies an absolute landslide. Betis let a threat Barcelona goal was invaded the Barca half difficulties.ultimate team coins Boyang and Samuel ETO ‘ o in the first half to score seems logical but most people don’t understand is the second half. The miracle occurs within a dozen minutes, Valdez even jump out in the middle of a shootout. As it seems, is the team’s defensive problems, but the players appeared in the leading case insensitive mindset. It seems not only for these reasons, because Barcelona have got too far to go in the second half on. Really don’t understand not only the fans, Rijkaard also did not understand. Form is now a catch phrase is: “what is this? ”

But it seems fairly strong lineup, Barca now have nothing left, player alone can’t win the ball is the name of the Camp Nou in 5 years, waving white handkerchiefs was lit for the first time, fans began to vent discontent. Side Barcelona, this can be seen as a true reflection of the State of. This straw has left UEFA Champions League Barcelona once more “logical” downturn. Process and results, there has been no change in their pride in the Nou Camp, still no way. Three times hit Getafe post, has not yielded a goal. This scene doesn’t wonder why fans have to throw white handkerchief is worth mentioning with Ronaldinho. Prior to this,www.fifanice.com official FC Barcelona Ronaldinho scored farewell this season, this is in fact directly declared Ronaldinho at Barcelona’s football career is over. Visible, Barca now is how much of the force of chaos reminiscent of Barcelona’s recent, Valdés, that smile could be called the history of perhaps the most bitter smile is still a predictable game, whatever the outcome is. Samuel ETO ‘ o lightning broke twice, Leuven once twice headed equaliser after leading Barca to become another team, no motivation to speak, as if the one-goal lead after just can wait until the end of the 90 minutes and get three points without further upset about referee errors in all first,