Ultra Fine Grinding Mill Advantages

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Ultra fine grinding mill is on behalf of our company’s most advanced manufacturing process. Ultra fine grinding mill is our company more than 20 engineers spent several years after several years of design and improvement was successful research and development with large scale production of large ultra fine powder grinding equipment, it appears to some extent, ease the large foreign equipment Expensive to the pressure of Chinese enterprises, China’s milling industry is more international competitive performance.

Ultra fine grinding mill mainly by the motor, reducer, roller device, grinding device, pressure device, separator, the body and the oil station and other components. Ultra fine grinding is a new professional ultra fine grinding equipment, professional for a variety of non metallic mineral grinding and grading, power plant steel  with limestone powder grinding, deep processing of slag powder and blast furnace pulverized coal Preparation and other large projects.

1, high efficiency grinding, finished product pollution is small;
2, safe and efficient operation, intelligent control system;
3, the election of advanced technology, energy efficient;
4, wear less, easy maintenance, green.

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