Ultrafine mill grinding process

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SCM series ultrafine mill is a new type of ultrafine powder processing equipment developed by many years of experiments and improvements. The ultrafine mill has new designed grinding ring grinding curve, which improves the grinding efficiency. In size and power under the condition of the same capacity than the jet mill, stirring mill 40% higher than the yield of ball mill is twice as high, and the energy consumption of the system is only 30% and the jet mill, grinding roller and grinding ring with special material forging, so that the utilization degree greatly to improve.

Composition of the ultrafine mill by the spiral bevel gear, planetary gear, with appropriate gear ratio between the motor and connected by diaphragm coupling. Ultra-fine mill, high voltage AC motor drive of ultrafine grinding mill, the mill to achieve the required speed, side mill machine body is provided with a wear-resistant lining, formed in the disc around the air inlet channel, and play a supporting role after mill separator, hot-air drying furnace waste gas separator, blowing through the air inlet channel ultra-fine grinding machine. The raw coal falls from the pipe down into the grinding bowl and rotates through the grinding disc. The raw material is taken by the centrifugal force to the clearance between the grinding roll and the grinding disc, and is squeezed and ground into powder.

The impeller device of ultrafine mill is installed on the outer circle of the grinding disc. It can make the hot air distributed evenly between the outside of the disc and the separator body, so as to control the mixture of air and powder in the grinding area of the superfine grinding machine and enter the predetermined ascending channel. The independent spring – loaded roller device is suspended in the separator body. When the material is filled with the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding disc, the roller can be freely rotated. A separator, guide liner, equipped with deflector device and separator, these components are used to separate the powder, and guide the wind powder upward movement through the deflector device will separate the coarse powder from the air, and by its own gravity to fall further grinding mill.

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