ultrafine mill used for brittle material production

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Ultrafine mill for material processing, whether ultrafine mill is for the production of hard materials, or for the production of brittle materials, all cannot do without the internal grinding ring grinding roller and other parts of the assistance, but for the production process of different hardness materials, these parts have to wear and service life is different, here is to introduce the process of the machine for brittle materials.

If the ultrafine mill machining of brittle materials, at the time of production, is still the grinding roller grinding ring, blade parts will pulverize materials, but this time, these are the core components of grinding force than when machining hard materials, will be reduced, so in this case, the service life will be extended a lot so, this time, for these parts of the material requirements are not particularly strict, of course, can not be ignored.

In addition, ultrafine mill in which the hardness of the material processing, its internal structure is not changed, in general, the size and equipment blade space has a direct relationship, if it is too big to fail, will affect the operation, if it is too small to shovel the material is not up, it will affect the normal use, so that the machine structure will not change.

While working on the ultrafine mill, its working principle is not changed, so when the brittle material production, the internal parts will be worn, this determines the repair and maintenance of the machine is indispensable, this machining hard materials are the same, but in the work when the maintenance and maintenance operations are needed in shutdown conditions, and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

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