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maintenance-free battery car battery is an important component, its function is to provide power to start the car and adjust the generator output and the load imbalance between the states. When the engine is not working or low speed, the battery power to the electrical equipment; when the electrical equipment, power consumption is greater than the generator output power, the battery and the generator work in parallel to the electrical equipment supply; when the electrical equipment, power consumption Less than generator output power, the generator to the battery and electrical equipment supply. Automotive electrical power supply system is the most critical aspect, the battery is one of the important parts of its quality directly affects the operation of the car. Now 12-volt lead-acid automotive batteries are batteries, along with the development of modern industrial technology, automotive batteries, great changes have taken place, and some car maintenance-free batteries on the use of new, rapidly over the past decade is the development and application of a new technology. Lead-acid battery is a positive and negative plates, separators, casing, electrolyte and wiring trailer coupling, etc., the discharge of the chemical reaction is to rely on the positive plate active material (lead dioxide and lead) and the negative electrode plate active material (sponge pure lead) in the electrolyte (sulfuric acid solution) under the action carried out, in which the gate electrode holder, traditional batteries with lead-antimony alloy, maintenance-free batteries with lead-calcium alloy, the former with antimony, the latter with calcium, This is the fundamental difference between the two points. Different materials will have different phenomena: in the course of traditional batteries less fluid phenomenon occurs, because the antimony grid shelves will contaminate the negative plate spongy pure lead, weakened after the battery is fully charged the anti- force, resulting in excessive decomposition of the water, large amounts of oxygen and hydrogen, respectively, to escape from the positive and negative plate, the electrolyte decreases. Antimony replaced with calcium, can be changed after the battery is fully charged counter electromotive force to reduce over-charging current, to reduce the rate of vaporization of liquid, thereby reducing the loss of electrolyte. As maintenance-free batteries use lead-calcium alloy grid rack, water produced by decomposition when charging less water evaporation is low, coupled with the housing sealed structure, sulfuric gases released so few compared with traditional batteries, with no need to add any liquid, wiring trailer coupling, wires and less body corrosion, anti-overcharge ability, starting current, battery storage for a long time, etc., by Carpoolers welcome. Some cars on the maintenance-free battery is also equipped with temperature-compensated hydrometer can indicate power status and battery electrolyte level storage height. When the hydrometer instructions eye is green, it indicates that charging is enough, battery normal; when little or green dot indicates the eye is black, indicating that the battery needs to be charged; When the indicator shows yellow eyes, indicating that the internal battery is faulty and needs repair or to be replaced. If the car battery using the quick oil on the human body like blood vessels, then the car on the circuit should be to a human body’s nerves. Dominate the car body brain central nervous action is batteries and generators. Batteries and generators in parallel, with the engine running, mainly by power generators to various electrical equipment. When the energy emitted by the generator when a wealthy, affluent power through charging the battery is converted into chemical energy stored up, when necessary (eg when starting the engine or generator can not be sent outside power supply voltage is low), converted to power supply electrical equipment. When the generator fails, the battery may be for emergency power supply to ensure the car’s electrical equipment in a short time. In addition, the stability of the whole car battery also plays electric system voltage. Many different types of batteries, according to battery electrolyte can be divided into acidic and alkaline batteries. Press the electrode materials can be divided into lead-acid batteries, nickel-iron batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries and so on. Currently on the market are mostly lead-acid batteries, the main component of the electrode lead, the electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution. Starter batteries can be divided into: ordinary type, dry-charged type (A), wet-charged type (H) and maintenance-free (MF). The working principle of lead-acid battery lead-acid batteries discharge when the bipolar plates and the electrolyte play a role in active substances into lead sulfate, and in charge, but also to restore the original spongy lead and lead oxide. PbO2 +2 H2SO4 + PbPbSO4 +2 H2O + PbSO4 batteries when not in use, with the extension of storage time, the battery will automatically reduce the storage capacity, this phenomenon is called self-discharge. This is mainly due to: (1) electrolyte containing impurities (other metals such as copper, iron, etc.), these impurities and the battery plate to form a local small battery, so that the battery is formed from the path from the back. (2) battery electrodes dirt more, such as soil and water, and so are the conductor, so that the battery discharge circuit formed between the positive and negative electrodes and self-discharge. (3) battery autolysis and negative plates of lead dioxide positive plate automatically restored. Spongy lead negative plate process will hold the battery in the form of lead ions dissolved in the electrolyte to form lead sulfate and lead and electrolyte solution always contains some impurities may cause hydrogen evolution, thereby accelerating autolysis lead accelerate battery self-discharge. (4) unused batteries, sulfuric acid sank lower density than the upper large plates, the lower the potential difference occurs and temperature changes can cause self-discharge. (5) types of battery products currently on the market mostly to domestic brands, mainly due to the government policy on the management of battery products. Main brands are the U.S. ACDeleo water-free, maintenance-free batteries, imported luxury cars are generally applicable. There Korean JCDecaux (Delkor) free battery, built-in hydrometer can quickly check the charge condition. Guangdong UPS Battery Hengda Industrial Co., Ltd. Toyo (TOYO) batteries, and its products are national standards GB5008.1-91, American Standard SAEJ537. Tianjin unified brand batteries, and its products known nationwide quality and cheap, but their products are free of the battery can not be lack of pity. Baoding is called the long history of the sailing batteries occupy a stable market, in addition to the Expo, camels and penguins and other brands. Normal use of the battery: (1) vehicle in the archive, the charging and discharging of the battery, every one month in summer, winter, should be checked every two months, charging time, filling with distilled water if necessary. (2) vehicles in use, the battery checked once a week. (3) temporary vehicle no more than two weeks, the disabled should be given before and after charging the battery, remove the end of the meridian should be disabled. (4) the use of the vehicle, when the electrolyte density is less than 1.200 (20 ℃) ​​or on other occasions electrolyte density less than 1.220 (20 ℃), the response to charge the battery. (5) should be higher than the electrolyte surface plates, separators. Easy summer electrolyte loss, decrease too should pay attention to whether the battery is over charging. Fill with distilled water electrolyte deficiencies should not dilute sulfuric acid. (6) terminal should go to rust and added oiled. Dry-charged battery type used: (1) to be poured into the electrolyte, the liquid can be torn off at the vent plugs closure. (2) a density of 1.280 ± 0.005 (25 ℃) poured into the battery electrolyte, 30min after use. (3) injecting an electrolyte, the fluid level should be achieved at the level indication pour opening height, no level indication on the battery level should exceed the bulkhead 15 ~ 20mm. (4) under normal conditions, only adjusted once each battery electrolyte density and fluid level. (5) for the maintenance-free type battery, requiring the charging voltage must not exceed 14.4V. (6) have been poured into the battery electrolyte, such as dormant, then every three months to be charged once again, to keep the batteries in a fully charged state. (7) Battery charging should be avoided, if the occurrence overcharge, the battery electrolyte temperature will rise stains small boat line and Xiang kitchen flea Adams Ae Lai York narrow scoop hook cleanse delicate fence generation Wat stony soil late at night Lai Buddhists Yaozi strange stilbene Э palm squid enforcement loopholes g fat eating Fei Yu said rage noon Yin Jing Ρ acenaphthene Suan? 8) buy batteries need to carefully check whether the battery appearance refined, brochures are printed clearly, purchase channels is reliable. Once used unqualified battery, it might be for ordinary cars difficult start for imported luxury cars due to substandard quality battery voltage is too low, the vehicle occurring self-locking, self-theft system failure, computer fault memory loss, etc.. The failure occurs, you should contact with the repair shop, to solve the problem. Battery check: (a) Examine the case for cracks or damage. (2) Check the battery mount clamped state, for corrosion and connecting wires for damage. (3) Check the terminals for rust, corrosion, connecting wires without damage. (4) Check the battery’s surface is dirty, the vent is smooth and so on. (5) Check the battery electrolyte level is near the line in the LEVEL, or whether it is 15mm, when the liquid level is too low, add distilled water, not tap water or electrolyte added, electrolyte leakage if found, should be injected the same density of the electrolyte. (6) Check the battery voltage, single-cell voltage should be above 2V. (7) The density of the battery electrolyte is 1.280 when 20 ℃. The density of the electrolyte varies with temperature, when the electrolyte temperature is increased by 1 ℃, the density decreases 0.0007, liquid temperature decrease 1 ℃, the density increased by 0.0007, so the determination of density must be converted to a standard temperature 20 ℃, the density value . (8) Cleaning the battery, keep the battery clean to prevent excessive battery discharge itself. When washing, it is best washed with hot water while, while using a brush. Battery electrolyte leakage due pole, easy to be corroded, the sulfuric acid should be carefully washed away. Check the battery vent cover processing solution, the blockage removed. Battery slot and wiring chuck, etc. should also be washed clean. Rinse the battery should be charged after the end, when the battery surface is dirty, charging should be preceded by washing once, and then re-charging is completed rinse and wipe dry. Battery maintenance: (1) Before removing (or install) the battery connection, in order to prevent short-circuit the battery must be removed (or loaded) ground. (2) the upper and related battery connecting wire should be kept clean and dry. (3) when handling batteries in careful not to break the battery. (4) maintenance of vehicles allowed on the metal tool on the battery. (5) When installing the battery, be careful not to pick the wrong polarity, otherwise it will burn about connecting wires and electrical equipment. (6) the battery cables and battery terminals should be reliable contact. (7) if the car is not a long time, the battery should be removed from the car and placed in a cool well ventilated place. How to cope with damaged car battery if the battery suddenly damaged in a moving way, is a very troublesome thing. Here are some of the battery damage during an emergency method, for reference. Battery Disconnect. Battery circuit breaker is divided into inner and outer circuit. Circuit can be used within the test fire way to find out the fault lies in what format. Piles from the positive lead a wire frame backward by one single test fire, and the fire no fire break between the Department, with a sufficiently thick wire across the circuit can be a single cell powered vehicles. With a starter, it will be affected, but the car will OPzS be able to start shaking. External circuit when the eye can see down in that cell, and its solution is the same. Battery pile head cut off. When the battery of a pile head AGM battery cut off flush from bakelite shell above (or below bakelite shell plane), you can cross over to the single cell no. In six single-cell 12V battery, for example, if the negative column broke (Hyundai Motors are negative ground), you can put the same single cell Ground line moved to another piles, fastening after a good engine can still start. Such as difficulties with the engine, the available grounding wire connected to the pile head off the next, and then a man pressed hard on the stubble (like the original voltage, capacity unchanged). Until the engine starts, then a wire connected to the grounding line first pile head off to another cell which piles, in order to ensure the normal use of electricity and to the vehicle battery charging, and then you can let go straighten reinforcement wires. Battery case rupture. Fixed because the battery is not strong and other reasons, may cause the battery case rupture. If caught early, you should first plugging. The battery does not leak backward side of Lu dry electrolyte outside the battery cover to dig more asphalt, in the exhaust pipe after reheat trap. If it is a long strip cracks, apply hacksaw supplemented after open V-groove. If the electrolyte has been basically leaked, after filling up a good ordinary water, still shaking 20 minutes after the car engine car. Regardless of first aid, first aid can only be used when on the way, traveling to the service point or resident, be sure to fully repair or replacement shall not reluctant to use. Five Misunderstanding a car battery: When using maintenance-free batteries, maintenance-free is simply assumed without any maintenance, excessive discharge charge is not timely, but also occasional supplement charge, so that the battery life is affected. Myth two: Install pole connection, were coated with petroleum jelly to make the connection joints severe oxidation, resulting in poor contact line, the circuit is unstable. Myth three: add distilled water, use distilled water instead of drinking pure water use, not knowing that pure water contains many trace elements, have an adverse effect on the battery. Myth: The density of the electrolyte does not differ by region and season to adjust, but static, especially in winter comes, causing the battery capacity is insufficient. Myth: winter battery starts, uninterrupted use of the starter, leading to battery damage due to excessive discharge. These points are used in batteries error prone, should arouse enough attention to the use of personnel, in strict accordance with the requirements of battery operation, to avoid the occurrence of the above error. Pay attention to what the battery using a car battery has been an indispensable device that working conditions have a direct impact on the car’s electrical system and electric control device performance. 1). Ensure that the battery securely fastened securely battery should be placed in the car, in case the driving leaving the battery connection off due to vibration, resulting in power outages. 2) To keep the battery surface clean owners should always clean the battery cover of the dust, dirt, etc., so that its filling hole cap or plug on the vent is blocked. If you find a very solid oxide column appears, should be promptly washed with hot irrigated, be removed, so as not to affect the pole and the continuity between terminals. Clean up after the wipe clean the surface of the battery, and the terminal on the pole with butter, to ensure the pole is not oxidized. 3). Always check the height of the battery electrolyte level in the battery charging and discharging process, the water in the electrolyte as electrolysis and evaporation gradually reduced, leading to decrease the electrolytic solution surface. If you do not replenish it, shorten battery life. Once the owner level is too low, should be promptly added distilled water. 4) To promptly to charge the battery after the battery fully discharged or stop should be promptly charged before use to avoid plate sclerosis, shorten battery life