Use Of Jaw Crusher in The Limestone

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Jaw crusher is commonly known as the jaw crusher, also known as the tiger’s mouth. The movable jaw and quiet jaw two jaw plate crushing chamber, two jaw movement simulation animals and complete crushing operation. In recent years, with the rapid development of the real estate industry, building materials and increasing demand for manufactured by limestone. Here, we use the small scale gold milling equipment Zenith crusher manufacturer to introduce the jaw crusher used in the limestone.
The jaw crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries in various minerals and bulk materials of medium size broken. The highest compressive strength of broken material for 320Mpa.
Jaw crusher is used more widely, can be broken materials of many types, but the use od jaw crusher limestone have what advantege?
Through research and calcium carbonate grinding machine trial of crusher, jaw crusher limestone has following character:
1. The jaw crusher production capacity between 600-800 t/h, is 25-40 times of limestone crusher ability, effectively solves the limestone crusher high operation rate due to low capacity, and no maintenance time problem.
2. Can complete bulk limestone crusher. The maximum particlel size is 1000*2000mm, effectively solve limestone supply tension, while store large limestone can not use problem.
3. Final production size is small, just 12-15mm, effectively solve large limestone particle size, often plug valve and even impact mill ability problem.
4. Two kinds of materals mixing uniformity is good, desulfurizaion limestone adding amount increase. At present, the adding second hand mining equipment in south africa amount can reach 60%, effectively reducing the raw materials cost.
5. Electric power consumption decrease. 1 ton limestone power consumption decrease 1-2 kw h/t, can save electricity 10000 yuan a year.
6. Effectively improve the labor intensity of worker and working environment. Because limestone crusher automation degree is high, without human contact materials, worker labor environment improve greatly.
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