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In the used limestone processing plant , most of the material have to go through crushing, in order to create favorable conditions for the next pre-homogenization process , store , ingredients, grinding , drying , transport and so on.

Determine the physical properties of limestone which is softer material fully mobile limestone crusher is the host limestone crushing system , the machine can effectively crushing chamber receives the bulk material and make it broken and not compacted material , crusher but set . Crusher is the rebound effect of the use of high-speed impact hammer plate and the back plate of the material subjected to repeated impact and broken machinery . Hammer solid plate mounted on the high-speed rotation of the rotor , and the number of blocks arranged in different angles along the back plate crushing chamber . Material into the role of district board hammer hammer when first being broken for the first time while the initial impact , and also get momentum , high speed toward the back plate . Materials and back plate collision crushed again after being bounced back to hammer the active region , renewed hammer impact. This is repeated until the desired particle size was broken into and from the plane.

Under Shanghai Zenith machinery equipment production crusher for many years in limestone processing production lines highlight the advantages of the country limestone production line configuration optimization and upgrading of the situation, Zenith engineers continue to enhance communication with the strength of foreign mining machinery enterprises and AC , from the customer’s point of view , the structure and function of crusher equipment to improve, to better adapt limestone processing and production, and has made substantial technological breakthroughs.