Useful Measures To Avoid The Blocking Problems Of Rotary Kilns

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The blocking problems small scale gold milling equipment are the most common ones seen for users in the working process of the rotary kiln. Therefore, most customers probably want to learn more about the useful measures to prevent the rotary kiln from blocking during the operation. Here are some tips that may help you a lot.
1. conveyor belt supplier in south africa Complete inspection before the start up of the rotary kiln
We should check the pre-heating system to guarantee its normal performance. It’s necessary for users to do complete inspection of the whole system and to clean the pipelines. Before opening the rotary kiln, we should also check the ash valves to make sure they can work flexibly without blocking and breakdown. If the adjustment is needed, we can rearrange the machine to avoid the overweight and underweight problems which will cause the equipment to run abnormally.
2. Sealing of the system
Before we explain usage of vibrating screening equipment open the rotary kiln, we should make sure that all doors, flanges, sampling ports and ash valves are sealed tightly without air leaking. When we are handling the blocking problem, we must not forget to check on the door security. Usually we will use the fire proofing bricks to close the doors set on the rotary kiln.
3. Stable operation and more attention
When the temperature of the rotary kiln rises, we should arrange the ash valves frequently during the process of adding materials into the equipment. In the actual operation, every customer should follow the description and rule made by the machine manufacturers to keep proper temperature within the kiln. To operate slowly and correctly will play a key role in the real production line.