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In this season of Shanghai almost every day in the rain, the air quality is improved, but for the machinery industry we should some measures, in order to prevent the vertical roller mill equipment rust,aging phenomenon.

Can enhance antioxidant ability through external means. Generally use three methods, one is the coating method, namely in the equipment surface coated with a layer of insulation,moisture-proof material, such as a resin or the like, but when using this type of material should be by means of solvent. The second is the plating, this also will be some insulating binder is plated on the surface of. The third method is the method of nanotechnology,compared with the previous two, its advantages are more obvious, and the protection of lasting effect, is moisture-proof ideal method.

Appropriate starting voltage of high vertical mill engine. The rainy season, vertical milling machine equipment work will be more difficult, so it is best to engine voltage is higher, so you can let it run more smoothly. And charge it in time. Winter consumption will be faster than normal, the battery of the device itself is a major injury.

Note placements. If sufficient rain during the rainy season, the air humidity is big, it should try to avoid the vertical mill on the outdoor environments, as far as possible to ensure the dryness of the use of the environment, although this does not preclude moisture fundamentally, but with other measures, still can play a good protective effect.

In addition to doing the above work outside, but also in the usually pay more attention to the maintenance of equipment and maintenance work, especially in the rainy season, the equipment chassis and a number of small parts can not miss. This winter’s over, the rainy season is coming, so I hope that all manufacturers can do various preventive measures in advance to prevent moisture, vertical milling machine.