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We know that a ore milling production line to a wide variety of equipment to form, but for vertical roller mill grinding production line, and it also installed a hot air stove, this is where many users more curious, and the role of blast furnace in the production line is what, its installation will have any impact on the production of flour obtained refined makings is fineness, below to analyze.

The hot blast stove is provided with hot air for vertical mill production system, the vertical mill production line, hot air stove hot air was drawn through the exhaust fan behind the system, and then follow the production line for hot air circulation, hot air circulation will drive the powder material flow together, so as to promote the collection of powder materials; in addition, provide hot air stove is hot, the air temperature is relatively high, according to the analysis of our experiment, the development of vertical mill system in hot mill temperature can reach 350 degrees, and the hot air through the circulation, then dust collector from behind the production line when discharged, the grinding temperature has been reduced to approximately in the 70 degrees to 95 degrees, then the temperature will go up, in fact, the high temperature part for loss, while the other part is used for powder material drying in the mill. Above is the hot air furnace in the production system of vertical milling machine milling two role, then hot blast stove for machine refined makings is fineness sizes have what influence it, the following analysis.

In physics with a movement called “Brownian motion”, Brownian motion refers to the irregular motion of small particles, and in the vertical mill in the production of flour, the fineness of the powder material itself is relatively high, plus the heating effect of the hot air furnace, the dust particle energy is more high, so will also corresponding increase powder material of Brownian motion, and the motion will lead to the consequences is to get rid of the vertical mill the granularity of the powder material is larger, the larger particle size of material, the overall fineness of finished materials will decline.