vertical roller mill grinding process flow

We should pay attention to the production of more attention to the problem, because many of the links need to be careful, then the production of the specific operation of how to carry out?

Vertical roller mill is the material for the production process of the fine powder processing, this process because the feed is relatively small, less refined and reasons for the capacity, the quality of a finished product demand is relatively high, operation when need to be very careful, then in the production of the how to proceed with the operation ?

The first point: vertical roller mill in operation of the first need to launch the power shall ensure that the voltage at 380 V, the current is less than 10, the operator wet hands do not touch the power switch and all aspects in this step prior to the vertical roller mill were comprehensive examination, for example machine parts in good condition or not, lubrication is reasonable or not;

The second point: vertical roller mill production, the need for an electric motor to provide the power to drive the equipment operation, and then complete the grinding of the material, in the process should be careful not to put anything in the motor, avoid getting involved in the belt without special circumstances not to the skin of the motor with the end of the, this requirement is not only to prevent for vertical mill production, but also to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

The third point: application to note for vertical roller mill maintenance operations, such as bearing lubrication, lubricating summer, should pay attention to cooling, dynamic time prior to the start of preheating, these operations are to extend equipment life and help improve the production efficiency;

Fourth: vertical roller mill demand for materials is of certain requirements, in addition to being properties to meet the demand. Also note slowly discharge, blank at the same time attention to the power controller power meter wave, when the power gauge pointer in the 50 or so is normal, at around 75 need to slow or suspended discharge, the pointer in close to 100 ah need to stop discharge also open at the bottom of the milling machine, release of part of the raw material grinding again, this operation can reduce the frequency of the vertical mill fault;

The detailed analysis the vertical roller  mill production, the concrete operation process, and operation need to pay attention to some problems, help production process smooth and improve the efficiency, reduce the failure occurred.