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Vertical roller mill  is a kind of ore milling processing equipment the most current users welcome, why it will be the most a kind of equipment for powder factory general application? This with vertical roller mill  ultra high performance is inseparable. As the name suggests is a superfine grinding machine used for processing superfine powder milling equipment, and the design principle of Raymond mill grinding roller based on with polycyclic, makes ore in the mill grinding more and more fine products. Now the rapid development of science and technology, more and more industries on the powder fineness requirements are higher, the more accelerated the development of superfine grinding machine.

According to the design of my factory technical personnel,vertical roller mill mainly have the following advantages:

1 the product fineness is high

This is the most important part of it, based on Raymond Mill powder fineness on made greatly improved, up to 3000 orders, and production will decrease, which is the processing range more widely.

2 energy saving products

Milling machine in use process need to consume a large amount of electric energy, and superfine grinding machine either works or motor with can save a lot of power for the user,come down for a long time can also save a lot of power consumption on.

3 machine environmental protection

Many stone powder factory is often dust and noise pollution, can not handle, and this stone powder factory will be banned, and superfine grinding machine contains dust and noise reduction and other facilities, can reduce dust noise pollution.

The old mill equipment has gradually been eliminated by the market, superfine grinding machine model will continue to replace the role of it, a new era of the milling equipment, we will also carry on equipment continue to improve, to make it better for users to earn more profits.

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