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the deputy head of the Second Artillery Backstage, after the famous singer Chen Sisi singing widespread. He created the “mighty wind Germany Manchu State”, “the canal more than good,” swept the Qing County, local pupils will sing, county clerk will sing.(Reporter Liu Guangbo) yesterday began a beta online games, before the beta, game party declared that “full-level players will receive wide naturalization north chance”, attracted attention of many users. Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that the so-called “naturalization chance” meet the needs of the players themselves wide north of home conditions, by the company for an interview, and then only to “help them to go through the formalities of the selected city home.””God horse gift package,veste barbour, send cards, send the phone all weak burst … we decided in the active period of the full 60 players.

hear the phone was left out of a pop sound. Over the fence, jumped into the river thump. Raymond Siu Wing CHAN shouting behind, Han Xue, you swim? Han Xue did not spare some time to answer.At this time, no longer saw the drowning man struggling, he swam from the front in the past, I did not expect was the other grabbed his arm,hollister e co, one hand firmly grasped his head. Although a child,hollister sverige, but the desire to survive let his great strength,hollister pas cher france, Han Xue filling several saliva.Relay rescued three drowning childrenHan Xue know water is not how,tiffany gioielli, but a child in the pond and small partners learned “dog paddle” is a thing 30 years ago. He did not know how to save water, must not be rescued from the front, to the drowning person to swim back,barbour pas cher, grabbed the hair, or let go of the neck to make it easier to rescue a success. Fortunately, this is the drowning child, little effort,sweat hollister pas cher, Han Xue struggled struggling head out of the water, the children push hard toward shore.At this time, Mr. Raymond Siu Wing CHAN 70-year-old,nike tn 2014, also flew over the fence, next to a steep embankment. Incidentally,moncler doudoune, there is a cement embankment seam, can Ke live two feet.

praise.After the rescue incident, Han Xue very low key: “I am a person who is not saved,doudoune parajumpers, no Chen, fishing guy, I have to drown.” “Just little things, who met no matter if we have to do. , a drowning tragedy occurred. “Han Xue said, when diving save, is the natural thing to do, and what it did not want to, but that moment of action and atmosphere for many years under the influence of Qingxian large impact related.Involved in the rescue of the young man the Northeast, recently defected to Qingxian uncle small business,hollister kids, he said, was the moment he is affected by the infection, involuntarily join the ranks of the rescue, “In the past I heard Qingxian light a good man, an insight into today, side by side with them to save very honored. “Feng Haitao said.Minister Qingxian County Committee, Publicity Yuhuan Chen told reporters, every year a few courageous Qingxian are heroes, has become a trend. But in the past model, are grassroots people,nike tn, and this time, in the eyes of the people can come out a “big guan’er” hero,scarpe hogan outlet, is to raise the county’s air.Han XueHan Xue, Qing County Federation of Literary incumbent President, Chinese Musicians Association,louboutin pas cher, a famous lyric writer. “Today you are the most beautiful” is a song lyric masterpiece Han Xue.

and then back the body,outlet hogan, controlling not slide down, then reach out and save.But underwater shore covered with green moss, with a steep slope, Han Xue child care over, but simply sent up the mountain, Raymond Siu Wing CHAN also access is not on. Raymond Siu Wing CHAN back on shore daze scared people Feng Haitao shouted for help, the young man, quick to find the rope.Feng Haitao was also ignorant, and forget his own tricycle ride to have a rope. Do not come looking for a rope, Raymond Siu Wing CHAN shout, young man, Get out your fishing rod to me. Feng Haitao, handing me the rod, Raymond Siu Wing CHAN toward the bulk of the child. At this time, Feng Haitao also down to Raymond Siu Wing CHAN side, grabbed the old man would not let him slip into the water. Children finally caught fishing rod, Han Xue pushed in the water,pjs, they pulled ashore, with 10 minutes of time, and finally dragged the child up.On the very shore, the Han Xue calf trembled, Raymond Siu Wing CHAN and Mr. Feng Haitao two people are tired, nervous heartbeat endless.Children plainer face, trembling, eyes staring straight up and asked to answer nothing.Hanxue An comfort him, all right, kid, go home now.”To educate people,tiffany collane, but should practice morality”Han Xue ashore, put on pants, tops, and Raymond Siu Wing CHAN go home.Experimental Primary School went to the door, several teachers recognized the Han Xue, wet look to see him, and asked: how, Korea President?Raymond Siu Wing CHAN casually said, this is not the President of South Korea had just saved you a student.Unexpectedly, the news got out, it was this incident to the Internet, the county television “Moral Life” column after hearing the news sent reporters to shoot.County Propaganda Department official microblogging each portal “moral Qing County, the city of love,” broadcast the news,hollister pas cher homme, attracted many onlookers.