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and the future of China’s express delivery industry,hollister france, will become forty-five company holds 70% to 80% of the market. He was confident that STO will be in this one forty-five.”Express this industry very hard,louboutin chaussures, young people are more eating a bowl of rice.” Huxue Quan admitted that the job is very boring, and sometimes even end in disappointment,,magasin hollister,, a lot of people did not want to quit. “However, we are fellow big company,, so liquidity is smaller.” In fact,, as an only child,tiffany outlet, the parents do not agree from the outset.

he went to Beijing to do the couriers.Turning to the future of the program,tiffany milano, 22-year-old has his own hands intention: “! Next year I strive to contract an area,,hogan rebel, take advantage of the young to try again,,christian louboutin femme, our boss is not out of the thing is so dry,” changed the subject,barbour paris, he laughed Oh say, “If next year and then not make much money,chaussures louboutin soldes, I went back home. home girl more girlfriend back there.”20:00,hollister, before sending express shipments to the branch office,hogan olympia donna, the reporter returned to the residence. Reporters have not had time to thank, to see his skilful manipulation of the tricycle corner, swiftly disappeared in the darkness, his mouth still whistling. The reportTsinghua interview nearly a hundred high school students in Shanghai”Rich”, “the official second-generation” phenomenon how you lookMadanTsinghua University students walked cum self-enrollment Admissions winter camp in Shanghai last weekend quietly at East China Normal University High School opened two camps,nike tn pas cher magasin, nearly two months earlier than usual. Tsinghua University faculty from nearly 20 per interviewer trio formed a “group interview” on the participation of students interview assessment camp, close to a hundred high school students in Shanghai will be walked through the race, or the entrance of bonus “offer tickets. “”Three pairs 1″ interview”How do you think the community ‘rich second generation’ current ‘official second-generation’ phenomenon?” “How do you think should solve ‘the problem of migrant workers children to school?'” As in previous years, the test is still used Tsinghua Winter Camp ” 3 pairs of 1 “and” pure interview “form, each student must undergo three interviewer” torture. ” Shanghai Chen attend secondary school is self-enrollment interview. He said that the issue raised by the examiner is not popular.

and nowadays people have to say about the combination of hot spots. “Each student will be asked three questions, mainly to see the students’ comprehensive ability atmosphere very relaxed during the interview.

it is possible to clearly identify Taobao,felpe hollister, about 120 pieces.”We usually send 80% of all Taobao pieces.” Huxue Quan told reporters that he join in 2009,louboutin pas cher, three years ago,christian louboutin pas cher, sending pieces each year than the last more than a year,ciondoli tiffany, Taobao has been a very large proportion of parts. “Before we STO is to Jingdong Mall express delivery, and now they have their own courier, we rarely sent.” Huxue Quan said.China’s express delivery industry after 30 years of development, has now formed a foreign, state-owned, private pluralistic coexistence, mutual competition and common development of the situation. By the end of 2011, according to the law made express business license of enterprises has reached 7500. Future, express industry mergers and acquisitions will become more frequent. “boss” De-Jun Chen says that in the US express delivery market,, USPS,collane tiffany, FedEx,, UPS holds 90% share of the three, and the remaining 10% divided up by thousands of small companies.