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“852 Post” said, the “shadow of the Chief Executive” proposal, described as following the “account” on the other one detonated depth charges.Hong Kong Basic Law Committee LAU Nai – keung the 27th to accept the “Global Times” reporter,veste barbour quilted, said, Daiyao Ting,abercrombie courts, who has been the aim of overthrowing the Government, but not always say and do, possession of the first possession of the tail, which is from the “account” on the evolution to the present ,giubbotti peuterey uomo, becomes just appeal to the public “to drink (accounting for the code word)” can be seen. The proposed election Daiyao Ting “shadow Chief Executive”,tn pas chere, the idea behind it, too, would try to challenge the authority of the SAR Government. However.

“and so on. He said,chaussures femme pas cher, “Shadow Chief Executive”,barbour, plus a “shadow cabinet” and the Charter can monitor the government,jeans abercrombie and fitch, which is a disobedience action. In the meantime, Daiyao Ting was asked whether participation in a “shadow chief executive” race,louboutin, he said he would not stand for election, stressed that he “always wanted to step back.”Hong Kong, “Wen Wei Po” on the 27th, said again after the “incitement”, attempted illegal “accounting” Start another “disobedience action” disturbing social order. On its Web site, there are Internet users message said, wearing “elected himself chief martial arts.” The opposition’s stance tends to Hong Kong.

LAU Nai – keung believes that even if the opposition launched a “shadow Chief Executive”,hogan outlet, its legitimacy is difficult to be Hong Kong’s social identity. He said: “In the occupied Central and events such as the recent strike, participants do not have much to reflect Hong Kong people generally do not agree with the practice of the opposition.””Mo then hijack minority majority!””Asian Games athletes successes, the Hong Kong spirit and luminous.” Hong Kong “Oriental Daily” published on the 27th on this topic editorials,air max one, trying to show the Incheon Asian Games in Hong Kong athletes to make political zealots sober down. The editorial said that in the past week, Hong Kong’s rowing team won a gold, 4 silver,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, for the previous Games best; Starry poem for a person to hit Hong Kong athletes won two gold medals in the Asian Games in the best result, Hong Kong has made the first gold is even more cause for gymnastics surprise. But regrettably, “both in the same boat and Masonic Lion Rock,hollister, seeking a total of abandoned distinction,” the scene is gradually away from Hong Kong. Hong Kong today, chaos, ups and downs, had one day of peace. The editorial said that when everyone is selfish.

accusing the police. He also claimed to be and demonstrators left to the last minute.With the “account of” approaching,nike tn requin homme, Daiyao Ting more active,doudoune moncler homme 2013, frequently accept Western media. “Deutsche Welle” reported that Daiyao Ting claimed that he was willing to be arrested, “in order to show the injustice events happening here.”Daiyao Ting seemed to know what the Western media wants. On the 26th,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher, he attended the activities of foreign reporters,vetement hollister pas cher, claiming that although Hong Kong has a basic democracy,blouson pjs, there are different people want to have a democratic society in Hong Kong in recent years, he was confident that “accounted for in” There will be a million people participated. that participants’ accounts in “period to discuss” after accounting for the movement “,abercrombie and fitch, including non-cooperation movement launched or re-elected in civil referendum” shadow chief executive.