vibrating screening technology in mineral processing

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We all know the importance of mineral processing equipment screening technology, auxiliary processing equipment is more important, the vibrating screen main role is to and breaking and grinding process are combined, the beneficiation of mineral processing equipment quality and efficiency have direct effect.


Screening process of mineral processing equipment is mainly divided into check screening and preliminary screening, the specific details are as follows: the role of their pre screening: the use of combined crushing process this process mainly and mineral processing equipment, the main role is to raw ore screening, if the size of the original ore at the fine crushing requirements directly from the conveyor to the crusher for crushing, not in the crushing process of coarse broken.

This improves the efficiency of crushing, improves the overall yield of mineral processing equipment. Check screening: the screening technology and grinding process combination, and the composition of the circular flow. We called this kind of screening technology for fine, its main function is to inspect the equipment after the grinding ore, for not to meet the requirements of the ore will be transported to the ball mill for grinding, screening technology can ensure the check the grinding quality, but also improve the quality of subsequent choose don’t process efficiency and concentrate ore. Different screening technology of mineral processing equipment in the role of explanation.

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