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Hall current sensor performance characteristics

Hall current sensor, voltage sensor / transmitter module has excellent electrical properties, is an advanced , can isolate the main circuit loop electrical and electronic control circuit detecting element . It combines the transformers and shunts all the advantages , but also to overcome the lack of transformers and shunts ( transformer only applicable to 50Hz frequency measurement ; shunt can not be isolated measurements ) . Using the same only the Hall current and voltage sensor Voltage transducer / transmitter module detection device can detect both DC- AC can also detect and can even detect transient peak , which is to replace transformers and shunts new generation of products . Hall current , voltage sensor / transmitter has the following characteristics : 1. Measure the voltage and current arbitrary waveform . Hall voltage , current sensor / transmitter module can measure current and voltage arbitrary waveform parameters, such as DC, AC and pulse waveforms. Transient peak parameters can also be measured , and its secondary circuit can be faithfully reflects the primary current waveform. This point can not be compared with ordinary transformer , because the average transformer generally only apply for 50Hz sine wave ; 2 high accuracy. General Hall current voltage sensor / transmitter module in the work area of better than 1 %, which is suitable for any waveform measurements , while the ordinary transformer accuracy is generally 3 % to 5 %, and is only suitable for 50Hz sine waveform ; 3 . linearity better than 0.5% ; 4 good Hall effect current sensor dynamic performance . General Hall sensor / transmitter module dynamic response time of less than 7μs, tracking speed di / dt than 50A/μs; Hall current and voltage sensor / transmitter module for its excellent dynamic performance of the control system to improve the performance of modern provides a critical foundation ( non-inductive components ) . An ordinary transformer dynamic response time is 10 ~ 20μs, which is obviously no longer meet the needs of the development of industrial control systems ( inductive component ) ; 5 . Working frequency bandwidth. At 0 ~ 20kHz frequency Current transducer range work very well ; 6 . Overload, large measurement range (0 ~ ± 10000A) 7. High reliability, MTBF is greater than 5 × 10000 hours; 8 small size, light weight , easy to install and does not give the system any losses.